It’s.Been.Awhile (29 Months)

Dear Reeve,

I was sitting here with nothing to do while you take one of those GLORIOUS (and rare) 2-hour naps thinking how long it had been since I’d written you a Monthly Letter. I was also thinking, “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THIS KID HAS BEEN IN MY LIFE FOR THIS LONG?”

How did I ever not know you? You and Daddy were just always meant to be mine!

We’ve spent the morning at the pool like we do most. You are wiped from learning how to kick your legs and “scoop and pull” your arms as you relax into the Puddle Jumper that allows you the freedom in the Big Pool that you love. Your hair is long and desperate for another haircut, but I can’t stand losing those white-blonde locks that only Summertime brings. Your skin is tan, your bum so white. Scrapes and cuts cover your legs. Frontyard adventures and hikes with Daddy result in a LOT of BandAids. Your toenails are craggily from running barefoot and your lashes are as long as ever.

Each day we start out with you screaming something along the lines of “Let me OUT OF HERE” or “Night Night is OVER” and then we rush you to the potty for your a.m. toilet session. You decide which Superhero you want to be for the day and pick out your first of at least 3 outfits for the day. Recently we moved you into a Big Boy Bed after waking to find you ing to find you in what looked like a Crime Scene amount of blood everywhere from a bloody nose obtained through your tossing and turning in your crib. It went AMAZINGLY well….at first. Then you figured out you had freedom and would turn your light on at 5 a.m.

We’ve moved into the Superhero Room now and are tying Penguin, Joker and Let Luthor up in a rope. Those Bad Guys don’t stand a chance against you. Soon, I imagine, we will head down for your 18th snack of the day and start looking out the window to see if your friends are playing outside. Life is pretty predictable. I basically plan and plan lots and lots of activities that will wear you out so you will sleep. I swear, life just has too many adventures for you to really slow down.

Potty Training is going well. We started on a rainy day and have evolved this process into “it will happen when it happens.” You only wear underwear when you are in the house and love letting me know you have to pee so that you can get an M&M. The first day, you peed over 35 times b/c you figured out that you could get that Beloved treat each time. Pull-ups are great for when we are on the go and the only accidents you’ve had have been when you are too busy playing outside with your friends to let me know. Today, you yelled “PEE PEE” and we ran to the potty and you let a stream loose for a good 20 seconds. You are so proud of yourself and just jump with joy when you get it right.

Life is pretty great around here. We are gearing up for School and have decided you are going to go two days a week for 3 hours and then a 3rd day called Enrichment Class that is music, art, cooking and creative play. I feel a little guilt about sending you away for 3 mornings, but you LOVE being around your friends. You are a quick learner and can recite whole books back to me. I just think you are ready to be around other kids and that you will do great! We are a very lucky family who only had to buy 3 Back To School Shirts (thanks, Aunt Connie for the hand-me-downs) and you were so excited….you wanted a t-shirt that said GENIUS and 2 Daddy Shirts (plaid button-ups).

We’ve had a great summer filled with hikes and road trips and making the most of every day, filling it with anything we can to stay busy. Daddy usually takes you up to the trails on the weekends where you fill a backpack with your Men and run and slide and get as dirty as you can. You love this time alone with him and when I try to join tell me, “go away, mommy.” One time you completed a 3-mile UPHILL hike all by yourself and you said, “I get to have so much fun when I get out of the City.”

You are as smart as a whip and are still mistaken for a 4-year-old on a daily basis. You refuse to count correctly for me (but you will for daddy). You are a stubborn little thing too. You know all your shapes, but not if I’m the one asking you. I love nothing more than hearing your sweet, high-pitched little voice singing in the backseat. It’s usually “Spiderman” over and over and I’ve stopped the car on more than one occasion to record it.  The little boy I once worried would beat up and punch all his friends forever is now sweet and shows so much concern for any other little kid you may be around. When babies cry you say “don’t cry, baby” and if someone falls and cries, you just want to know if they are okay. With this being said, you do still have some really horrific moments and tantrums (typically in the Target aisles).

Who cares? It’s all a stage. I know this now…it only took me 2.5 years, but really everything is just a stage that will pass.

Reeve Denver, of this I am sure, each day with you is cause for an Adventure. I’m so proud to explore parts of my heart and this world that I otherwise would not have gotten to if you weren’t a part of it. Daddy and I love you in ways which no word exists to describe it. Our hearts and souls are filled with Joy at the thought of what you have already given us and what you will accomplish. Your heart, your smile and your amazing ability to seek a smile in the face of everyone around you are the hugest reasons which we love you. I look at your and see Daddy’s green eyes and big ears, my big plans and dreams and can’t even fathom what Journey you will take us on.

I just wish time would slow down a little, as all mamas do. You promise me we will always be best friends and that you will always love me the “mosty” and until you are 2-3-8.

We just can’t get enough of you. Everything you do is funny and cute and even when you are so super naughty (which really isn’t that often) we have to hide our smiles.

We love you in ways which words don’t exist to convey. This will never end. It will only grow and we will only be more and more proud of the person you become. I can’t WAIT to see who you become. I just know you are going to be a social person with LOTS of friends and that you will have this HUGE imagination. You already do.

I love you more than the trees/sun/grass/wind…..or as you say, “I love you more than popsicles, mama”. THAT’S PRETTY HUGE!

We love you to the moon & back,


2 Year 42


Favorite things to do: SWIM. Run around the cul de sac. Play with your friends. Superhero room. Slides. Sand. Baseball with daddy in the office. Walking Hannah on the leash. Jumping off the bed.
Favorite things to eat: You are still not a great eater, mostly carbs and cheese, but you do eat Turkey Bacon, Turkey Pepperoni, nuggets, carrots, broccoli, pretzels, eggs, cheese, waffles….FRUIT CHEWS
Dislikes: waking up and not being able to turn on the light then having to go back to sleep, nap time,
Funny Tricks: jumping off the bed, riding a scooter and bike, trying to catch with a glove, reading in the rocking chair, climbing the ladder at the playground
Scary items: just snakes….
Hair color: Blonde…white blonde
Eye color: green like daddy’s
Clothing size: 3T & 4T shirts, 3T pants
Diaper size: Pull-ups or Superhero Underwear
Weight: 39
Height: not even sure anymore
Teeth: all of them


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