I remember not that long ago when I was worried Reeve would the “that Kid” who walked around punching people.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s amazing how little people grow, evolve….turn into who they always already were.

Lately I’ve been noticing that Reeve LOVES his friends. We are lucky to live on a cul de sac that has 17 kids (and only 9 homes) and several of those children are close in age to him. He loves them!  He really does!

I’m seeing his friends personalities evolve also. One of his friends is a bit anti-social and runs off the second they see other kids. One is content to explore on their own but also to be around all the others. Another is quiet, shy almost.

Mine…well, he’s the one who wants everyone to be together, playing and he wants to make them smile. He will proudly show off to them any toy or new trick he’s discovered. He runs to them. Seeking their acknowledgment. He wants to touch them and hug on them.

As evidenced when he hadn’t seen Bailey (or her sister, Jetta) in a over a week. He was so happy to see them finally!



Don’t you just love it? The kid CRAVES his people! He loves being around others and being silly! He likes having fun and being outdoors and the more the merrier!

He also thinks everyone should love Superheroes as much as he does….which is perhaps why he LOVES, loves him some Tenley!20140713-195146-71506155.jpgI’m just enjoying witnessing who this kid is growing into.

Today at lunch, there was a baby a table over who was about 10 months….Reeve ran over to him when he was crying and soothed him from afar by *screaming* at him, “Don’t cry, baby.”

Then, when the baby noticed Reeve, he was so happy to go over to him and touch him gently or let him touch his cape.

Sure, he has moments where he doesn’t want to share his Batman or for you to touch his cape, but he’s learning….and he’s just so great around other kids.

He ran into “school” this morning and said, “I LOVE SCHOOL…’s my first day.” He loves going b/c he gets to see his friends….I just know he’s going to do so great next month when Parent’s Day Out starts.

My boy is sweet!  Who would’ve thought? I honest-to-God had visions of him getting in so much trouble (especially when he got in trouble for “bear hugging that baby down” about 3 months ago)….

turns out I didn’t give him enough credit….

I love this man….I love him a LOT right now b/c he’s taking a great nap behind me….but I love him the most when he’s my sweet, cuddly dude who smothers me in kisses and tells me I’m beautiful.



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