That’s peanut butter on your chin.

You told me, as I was standing up to put you on the bed b/c I thought you were asleep, “sing me, mama….when-the-night song”

Yes, i still rock you….and I will until you are 18 if you will let me.

You have a big boy haircut and are too smart for your own good.

We eat a lot of popsicles….not as many as if you lived anywhere near Don Linny though.

You splash and throw your men around that pool every day like it’s the first time you’ve ever been there.

Books are second to Superman and I bet I read you 20 a day.

Diapers are for “babies” but we can’t be bothered with Potty Training when the pool needs us. Plus, you tell me “I’m YOUR baby, mama…but I’m also a Big Boy.”

You missed Hannah a lot when we were in Kansas….or so you told her when we walked in the house and you hugged her.

You only want to eat off of your red or blue plate b/c those are Superman colors….

the morning after we got back from Kansas, you woke up and the first thing you said was “Can we go see Don Linny today?”

You ate 5 fish sticks and 3 carrots and 2 broccoli for dinner…then asked for candy.

The Cement Mixer outside our house doesn’t interest you at all like it would most boys….you just want to bury your Green Lantern in it.

each morning you say, “today I am Batman/Superman/Spiderman, etc” and have to wear only that character’s shirt/shoes

you shook your head YES at me when I shook my head NO at you…then you pulled your arms back like Speedy Gonzalez and ran off

Sometimes you cuss and I laugh. “Oh Shit” sounds pretty cute coming from your sweet face.

sharing your “men” at the pool is the hardest part of your entire day.

You no longer count 1, 3, 2 but do it correctly.

Mowing with Daddy ranks right up there with watering the rocks out front.

Not 10 minutes goes by without you spontaneously screaming out, “Batman Saves the World” or “I Got Ya….” or “Trap Me, mama.”

You like to bring all your toys into my room and play on the floor, always leaving one where I step on it and scream.

You tell me “you are beautiful, mommy” at least twice a day and really mean it with your whole heart.

Not better than the random “I Love You, Mommy” that I get 2-3 times daily

We’ve got it pretty good, buddy. I’m the luckiest mama that you let me rock you and sing you.

Let’s always be best friends…



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