sorry to post so much about Kansas, it just happens to be where Reeve has the best time on earth.

We decided just a week before we left that since Kirk had the whole week of July 4th off, we would spend it with family. I miss getting to do holidays with family. Sure, we do Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it always feels so rushed….this was an exception.

We decided to take the car instead of the Jeep and I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. Sure, we got there faster, but Reeve wasn’t as cooperative as he may have been in the car he’s used to.

We left at about 2pm and rolled into Lawrence Monday night at 10pm….I drove most of the way and got us there quickly, if you know what I mean.

IMG_9745 Reeve napped for about 45 minutes and then talked the whole 7 hours 15 minutes he was awake about Superheroes…I was pretty over it and decided driving HAD to be better than listening to that.IMG_9748 he was pretty relaxed….he’s damn near outgrown this carseat….when can he get into a Booster Seat? I’m gonna hop onto the Google Machine and answer that really quickly….hold on.

WHAT?!?!?  Not until he’s 4 or 40 pounds? Well, he’s 40 inches….what about that? Oh well…


He was SOOO excited to see Brothers Jack & Will….when we got in late MOnday night he literally jumped up and down he was so excited….he just loves them and wants to do everything they do, including climbing things he shouldn’t and being a “bad zample”IMG_9752 I think he also really likes going to see them b/c he gets to play with toy guns and shoot thingsIMG_9753 and they all speak the same language, those three….guns, superheroes, battles and “men” (army or superhero)IMG_9754 Kirk taught Jack how to play BlackJack….IMG_9756 Reeve got LOTS of loving from his JackIMG_9758 I love this picture…Jack is THE best older cousin. IMG_9759 One day we went with Whitney and her boys to the Country Club pool. IMG_9771 Reeve and Greysen are BFFs now…Reeve does all the talking, of courseIMG_9772 It was a bit chilly so we let Kirk be the one in the water.IMG_9774 IMG_9778 We ate outside as much as we could….got quite a few Ticks and bug bites to show for it.IMG_9781 IMG_9782 Kirk had never been to Lawrence and seen how Reeve is around the cousins…well, except for Christmas when it’s just chaotic. He kept saying, “Where is he?” and “what’s he doing?” and wasn’t used to how he just wanders their home playing with them or doing whatever they are doing. It’s great b/c he doesn’t need ALL of our attention ALL of the time.IMG_9789 IMG_9790 IMG_9791 aren’t they adorable? The all look close enough alike they could be brothersIMG_9792 IMG_9793 I love Will in this picture. He’s a cutie too….he always has a hat on with his ears flipped downIMG_9794 IMG_9795 Back at my parents house for the Fourth of July….we got to blow things up. Reeve loved running and picking up the parachutes and streamersIMG_9802 IMG_9803 IMG_9804 I’m going to miss the land behind my parents’ house when they move into their new home….they should start digging soon. Reeve has a blast running around out back, but it will be nice to have more space. Within 5 minutes of when we arrived, my dad had offered to get a hotel room for Kirk and I b/c their house is too crowded.IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810 More love from JackIMG_9811 IMG_9812 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 walking across the street to the park. This was my idea. I only stayed about 4 minutes and then had to go back to the shade b/c it was so damn hotIMG_9815 Jack and Will got to learn how to shoot a BB Gun. I wonder why Reeve loves gun?IMG_9818 Splashing in the pool with Will when it got too hot. I didn’t have a swim diaper so he went without one (potty training to start soon…We’d rather spend our days at the pool than stuck inside). So, he didn’t have diaper/underwear on and Jack lit one of those Tank Firecrackers and it sparked back at Reeve….pee was running down his leg and he kept saying, “I Pee-ded myself…..”  Sometimes he’s still my babyIMG_9822 Watching those Crazy Grimes Boys light things…Kirk said they don’t do this where he’s from.IMG_9823 IMG_9824 IMG_9825 LOVES him some Jack and WillIMG_9829 So, the next morning Kirk and I headed down to the Country Club Plaza for 2 nights…but not before getting to see Reeve in yet another cape. The storm rolled in about 10 minutes after this and he got to dance outside in his diaper in the rain.IMG_9841 We just goofed off around KC. This was at dinner with Ryan & Connie… We ate at THe Jacobson (YUM) and then I took him to The Levee, which is where I used to hang out when I lived there. Our visit got cut short when someone (coincidentally, our server from Lunch at Grand Street) puked on my back.IMG_9844 The next night we had tickets to see Jason Isbell (Amazing), Alison Krauss & Union Station and WILLIE NELSON….I was soooo pumped!IMG_9848We had never seen anything like the characters that were tailgating outside the Starlight Theater…and we hope we never do again.
IMG_9854 We sat Front Row….I’m not sure how Kirk always manages to get us Front Row tickets, but when we walked in I told Kirk that I was going to get Willie Nelson’s guitar pickIMG_9861 Kirk enjoyed himself…look at those ears….he’d never seen Willie before which I said is sacrilegious.IMG_9863 So, Willie is playing and I’m singing along to every song and I look back and not ONE person is standing up in the whole crowd….EXCEPT ME…I’m dancing up a storm and having a blast just being in Willie’s presence….I would say it paid off. He walked right over to me and gave me THE BANDANA OFF OF HIS HEAD!!!!!

I squealed and jumped up and down and he spent the rest of the concert waving and winking at me.

Afterwards, women were coming up to me and saying, “you are the girl with pigtails in the front row dancing….Can I touch it?” NO….back off…or better yet, DANCE and get your own,IMG_9865 Kirk said he knew that was going to happen. I said, “Why b/c I was the only one dancing?” and he said, “No, b/c of those short shorts.”IMG_9866 We met my parents in KC the next morning and got back after the looooooooongest 8 hour drive of our lives. He was exceptionally whiny and naughty.IMG_9869 IMG_9870

Good thing he’s cute or I’d have tried to leave him at the World’s Largest Ball of Twine….

Not really….

It was an awesome trip and it’s good to be back, but also depressing to be back. Life is just a lot easier when you have family to watch your kid for you.

So, that was our week in Kansas….back to Colorado Summer Days at the Pool and hammering outside our window from our addition that’s being built.


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