At our wedding, Kirk spoke these words as his Toast to our guests:

May your family share laughter
Your songs always play
May your wishes come true
Even those left unprayed
Hand on my shoulder
Gentle cloud on the hill
May your heart stores be open
Forever and Ever
May your glass be filled

Like a wheel to the river
A mother’s moon and sun
Dream against the river
Oh, and lifetimes undone
Over and Over
And over again
I was made stronger
Knowing you as my friend

I remember being amazed that he could memorize all of that, that he was sober enough to do so (I wasn’t) and also so grateful for a man who could find the right words for all of the friends we shared our special day with. Though they were someone else’s, they were perfect. At the Sunday Show (of a 3-day weekend) the girl in front of us had part of these lyrics tattooed on her back and I just kept thinking about them over and over.

On a day as Hot as Hell, we left Reeve in the care of our awesome babysitter, Miss Amanda, and pretended like we were young again….only we didn’t really drink that much….and we drove a Cadillac to Red Rocks…and wore prescription sunglasses the whole time….and snacked on almonds.

God, we ARE old!!!IMG_9689 Before the show, we sat in our car on the road and had a beer or two each….it’s so beautiful there. I find myself in awe each time I’m there as though it’s my first.IMG_9691 IMG_9692 We got kicked off of the grassy spot by Park Rangers (apparently Rattlesnakes are common) and had to take our party to the trunk of our car.IMG_9695 IMG_9699 We took a bunch of selfies and I checked my phone every 5 minutes IN CASE Miss Amanda needed me.

IMG_9701 Our friends, Rob & Ali, showed up and the party started…IMG_9703 IMG_9704 we sang along and danced and sweat a LOTIMG_9709 Kirk was in heaven. He went to the Friday night show….ahem….and we will NEVER talk about that night, but you would think he had never heard these songs before the way he acted.IMG_9710 IMG_9711 IMG_9712 It was basically one big party with a bunch of stinky, pot-smoking hippies….IMG_9716 IMG_9717 I LOVE It…..not the pot or the stinky people…but how happy all these people are. A collective group of people just perfectly happy with blue skies and good songs.IMG_9718 Oh, I took this picture b/c you can see where we got married at Solterra.IMG_9720 IMG_9722 more selfies…IMG_9727 IMG_9730 I love this next picture. When Kirk is just *happy* or shocked or trying to take a moment in, he does this. I don’t think he realizes he does it, but he puts his left hand on his next and just seems so content. He’s taking stock, or praying, or being grateful or something…and I am so glad I got a picture of it. IMG_9732 He is sooooo cute!  IMG_9736 and for that….I’m Grateful!!!!IMG_9740


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