The Best Thing In Life To Hold Onto, Is Each Other

I’m focusing really hard this Summer on giving Reeve the Summer little kids had years ago…back when I was a kid.

That means TV if it’s too hot outside to play. It means popsicles after naps. Hot dogs on the grill. Sprinklers in the yard. We go to the pool nearly every day. He wears flip flops and runs around barefoot in the backyard too. We take long walks and learn how to play I Spy With My Little Eye (he always spies…grass!). We bbq 6/7 nights. He has a cool bath every evening to wash the sunscreen off. His fingernails are D-I-R-T-Y and his hair is white. We attend every single one of daddy’s baseball games and run the bases to get as dirty as we can afterwards. He eats juicy peaches with his small hands and throws Poppers at the sidewalks in our hood every day. We feed the neighborhood ducks (Huey and Duey) and stop to let each dog on the street lick us. We hit EVERY lemonade stand we find and buy as many garage sale books as the coins in my pocket allow. We survive on PB&J and bury as many Lego Men as we can in the sand.


I just want to give him every experience this life has to offer. I can’t put it eloquently into words, but I want him to just grow up to have an impact on the world. I don’t think that will happen if we just watch TV all day or stay inside. We are on the Go…go.goooooo!

But what I’m really focusing on this Summer is our little family…and how lucky we are to have each other.

ps….I’m NOT pregnant and wearing this dress b/c of that. I don’t know why I’m wearing this dress that makes me look pregnant…ugh….it just isn’t flattering on me.

I just really love these two and I love our Summer. We are just having a blast with each other and our wonderful neighbors that we love. We are just all full of love for life up in here.

We are lucky to have each other and those gorgeous hills behind us. This was taken 2 streets up from ours…..we hike this trail a lot just to get closer to them. It’s so crazy to me that we can have 90 degree days and still see SNOW on them. And those yellow flowers….I’m so glad we did this quick mini-shoot on them when we did b/c I went back two days later and they were gone!  Aren’t they gorgeous???













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