I know Kirk is the one who works 40 hours (ahem) a week and all….I get that he’s tired….and on the weekends just wants to relax, but dang, I’m tired too.

What do you two think I’m doing while you nap 2+ hours on the weekends? Do you think I’m sitting here watching OITNB or something? 20140615-133339-48819819.jpg


***how cute is it that they sleep alike?20140615-133336-48816423.jpg


This was Sunday. Kirk always manages to nap on Sundays so he can “rest up” before his baseball game. 20140615-133345-48825353.jpg

and this one, back to sleep just a few hours later with his best friends….20140615-133341-48821625.jpg

He even manages to sneak a nap in AT THE POOL…. (Ps…that’s a clean diaper by his head)20140615-133448-48888169.jpgmaybe one day the dishes will wash themselves and the laundry will fold itself and I can nap too.



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