Telluride (

I have no idea how these ended up so out of order, but what’s important to note is that *THIS TRIP WAS AWESOME*….and last minute and relaxing and just perfect.

Oh, and also that we rode the gondola from Mountain Village into town NO LESS THAN 40 times. Mostly b/c Reeve was obsessed with them, but also b/c it either snowed in the am/then perfect in the pm (or vice versa) and we needed something to do. Either way, every ride provided something new to look at and talk about.

Also, Kirk’s cousin’s home (which they graciously let us stay at while they were out of town) is AMAZING and has a hot tub and THE best views…..

IMG_9084IMG_9089IMG_9148IMG_9149IMG_9150*practicing making funny facesIMG_9161IMG_9163IMG_9167IMG_9168*love this pic….kirk is HOTIMG_9171IMG_9174IMG_9176*quit eating the snow…..seriouslyIMG_9178*happy family….IMG_9190IMG_9209*this was before we left, Reeve was READY to go…..IMG_9021*he DID NOT like these wings
IMG_9047 IMG_9036 IMG_9034 IMG_9027 IMG_9022 *Reeve being Knighted… good to your mommy, be good to your daddy, be good to your friends, be good to your doggy….You’re a KnightIMG_9053 IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9065 IMG_9067 IMG_9082 IMG_9074 IMG_9072 IMG_9069 IMG_9068


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