Most days, I can’t get this kid to eat a thing. Not even strawberries or chicken nuggets let alone a damn bit of anything good for him. But I DO know that if we head up to the pool, he will at least eat a Peanut Butter sandwich and a nectarine….

I just love summer…and the pool….and the smell of sunscreen. All of it. I even love baseball right now just b/c it gets us out of the house and makes our days go faster. I know someday I will wish for them all back, every second, but two is turning out to be a LOT harder than I expected. And I’m WELL AWARE that 3 is the new 2 and “it’s only going to get worse.” Everyone is quick to tell me.

Reeve loves to splash and run through the fountains. He loves to play with other kids’ toys and then get SUPER pissed when they play with his. 20140528-133030-48630115.jpg 20140528-133108-48668464.jpg He’s not allowed to have any guns, but can play with water guns or other peoples and I’m 100% convinced his favorite reason to go to the pool is in case anyone brought a gun.20140528-133059-48659636.jpg He’s getting better and better everyday at floating or blow bubbles. If he continues to gain confidence we will do swim lessons toward the end of the season.20140528-133037-48637956.jpg I love how, hours later, after a really good nap I can pick him up and he smells like sunscreen lotion and peanut butter….god, isn’t that what all little boys should smell like forever?20140528-133044-48644868.jpg also, we have THE best pool in the entire state as far as I’m concerned? How can it be 100 degrees outside and you can see SNOW in the distance?20140528-133052-48652111.jpg after a nap, we usually head out to run an errand….he’s usually not ready to negotiate wearing anything other than a Superhero outfit of some sort.IMG_9253and don’t even think about leaving the Spiderman “Surf board” in the car or it will also have to go into any store with us. This kid…I don’t care if it’s a Spiderman bandaid or a piece of a plastic wrapper with a web on it, it’s valuable to him and worth a tantrum of EPIC sorts.IMG_9257and how he LOVES to look at himself when he’s got Superhero clothing on. And like I always say, he’s like a puppy….makes people smile and laugh just by being himself. In this case, it’s b/c he surfing in front of a mirror in Spiderman pajamas at the GAP.  I hope he always stays this weird.IMG_9258and there he is with a contraband gun….the WORST part of any day is when he find this damn toy that I’ve tried to throw away 10 times somehow right before nap (ALWAYS RIGHT BEFORE NAP) and then won’t sleep unless he’s holding it, loaded…just when he’s about to fall asleep, his finger pulls the trigger and it shoots and it wakes him up!  AWFUL!!!
IMG_9272I think I have 1,000 pictures of him sleeping…I just love his lips and crusty face.IMG_9273Some days it Sun Showers while we are outside playing and we hop in the back of the Jeep in the garage and watch and have a Car Party…he LOVES Car Parties!!IMG_9274IMG_9440IMG_9441Why does summer ever have to end?

It’s the best….and this kid is the best….we are knee deep in popsicles and sidewalk chalk and bubbles….

It’s a Peanut Butter Summer…yes, it is.



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