I’m starting this post while you are in the Superhero Room yelling “na na na na BATMAN” and battling the Bad Guys.

Every day.  Every. Day.

That’s how often you are a Superhero and how often I have to pretend along with you that the Bad Guys are gonna get us and that we can shoot webs, swing on Bat Ropes and that Kryptonite has knocked me down. Your imagination is amazing, Kid.IMG_9454and your face, well….your face is just perfect! Your eyes are the EXACT same shade of green as your daddy’s….IMG_9458You LOVE it when I wear this shirt. You tell me you like my Hulk Boob and punch the superheroes on my belly.IMG_9460Face off with Hannah. You think it’s fun to get in her face and laugh at her.IMG_9461It’s exhausting saving people’s lives all day20140612-143217-52337013.jpg




20140612-143215-52335302.jpgI’m just so glad this kid is mine. I find myself frustrated with him a lot. He’s bossy and he’s rude and he hits me and tells me “no” all day long. I could easily complain (and I do) but I try every day to just remember that he’s the coolest Kid on the planet with THE most incredible imagination and it’s much easier to deal with him.

I wouldn’t trade him for any other one like him….



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