I wish I could describe to each of you what it’s like to hike with this kid.

It’s a Lesson in Patience and the Art of Storytelling. I swear we either have the next Stan Lee on our hands or a Future Rock Climber….and, truth be told, I know where he gets it. I know where he gets most of his most *annoying* habits. Ahem….and they are probably only annoying b/c they are MY habits, maybe that magnifies them thus making them more obvious.

I’m not kidding, we can be on a very clear, lined, easy trail that is as flat as can be for a mile in our sightline and he has to step on every rock stuck in the dirt and jump off of it. He has to pick up every pebble and look at it. Touch every tree. Every dirt clod is a Pumpkin Bomb (Green Goblin). Every piece of moss is Kryptonite. Every river needs every rock thrown in it. Every plane in the sky is chasing us or needs to be shot down. Every cloud is a smoke plume.

It’s equally amazing and creative and fun and annoying and tiring and exhausting. THIS KID HAS SOME IMAGINATION.

I’m walking behind him on this trail focusing REALLY hard on not hurrying him along (which I really focus on b/c I like for him to explore and touch and get dirty) but my shoulders are sunburnt and I’m thirsty (I gave him all my water) and I’m trying to finish in time for his nap and I’m laughing so much at how awesome this kid really is.

Wearing a cape is one thing, most little boys do that….but Reeve LIVES his life like he’s a Superhero and every person he encounter is a potential “Bag Guy” who might need us to “punch him down” or be taken “off to the jail.”

Having Reeve is a lot like having a puppy I imagine. He just makes every stranger smile once they see that cape and his vigor…

I’m really glad he’s ours. He doesn’t love to draw or paint much anymore and he can’t focus for crap, but the kid can spin a tale like you’ve never heard. And with such passion and bravado….
IMG_8913 IMG_8922 IMG_8925 IMG_8927 checking out a plane in the sky that must be the Green Goblin chasing us (so he says)IMG_8930 hiding in a BatcaveIMG_8935 IMG_8937 this angle does not justice to my Killer Legs…(I’m serious)IMG_8938 IMG_8943 IMG_8945 checking out his cool new scraped knee….”I probably need a Spiderman Band-Aid, mama”IMG_8949 Full speed ahead…you never know what “Bad Guy” is around the next bend,IMG_8950 climbing a Bat WallIMG_8952 IMG_8954 IMG_8956 checking out the scenery and scoping out Criminals…he thought that building/house was, of course, a jailIMG_8958 IMG_8959 IMG_8962 throwing rocks in the riverIMG_8964 IMG_8967 he thought it was so funny that Hannah was swimmingIMG_8968

jumping off rocksIMG_8971

trying to pull roots out of the ground. They are, what else, Bat Ropes…IMG_8973

he loves drinking water out of his Canteen….

IMG_8979 IMG_8980

those ears….seriously!!!IMG_8981 IMG_8983 we made it home and he got to sleep with his cape on. We never let him do this, we tell them that when he’s napping the Superheroes come and use them to help people, but he was so tired after HIKING all 2-miles without being carried that we just laid him downIMG_8984


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