Mostly, he liked having his haircut b/c there was a black cape involved.

Mostly, I cried.

Mostly, Daddy laughed at me.

Mostly, the barber’s name was Marlon (“Like Nemo’s daddy?)

Mostly, he was amazing and sat still and enjoyed his lollipop

Mostly, I can’t believe we made it this long without a real haircut.

Listen, I just wasn’t ready. I can’t explain why. Probably, because I knew the second we cut it he would look like a 5-year-old….

I was right…

the next day we went to the zoo with some friends who have a 5-year-old and he looked as tall and big and talked as well as that kid and the Big Boy Hipster Hairdo only made it worse.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore….and he will be the first to tell you.

He stand with his arms at his side and slowly raises them up and up and up and says, “watch me….I’m growing” and I swear I can see it actually happening before my eyes.


I just couldn’t stand Reeve’s hair anymore. I was trimming it, LITERALLY, every other day and it kept growing SO fast that it would go from “Did Reeve get a haircut” one day to looking like Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber the next. He definitely inherited Kirk’s genes…Kirk has to get a haircut every week.

So, we went to Floyd’s (the cool shop by our house) and prepared ourselves for the worst.

No need for that now…he was great! IMG_8765 IMG_8766 Look how ridiculously gross and long his hair was….IMG_8780 Marlon totally “got me” and knew we wanted to do a Toddler Pompadour, but that we needed to “ease our way into it”IMG_8782 He loved checking himself out in the mirror. The Black “cape” was his favorite part.IMG_8783 IMG_8786 IMG_8790 IMG_8791 IMG_8795

I was just getting such a kick out of how good he was. I kept snapping pictures and laughing/crying…IMG_8799 IMG_8801 IMG_8806 IMG_8808 IMG_8810 He DID NOT like it when I took the black Batman cape off….IMG_8811 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815

Then we told him he got to have Ice Cream for being such a good boy….he kept touching his head and laughing.

I think his haircut makes him look more like DaddyIMG_8816 IMG_8817 He was ALL about the ice cream…guess what kind he picked out?IMG_8819 Blue Superman Ice cream with sprinkles…IMG_8821 IMG_8822 Apparently, the back of his head is full of crazy cowlicks and he’s got MAJOR body now that it’s shorter….IMG_8823 IMG_8828 IMG_8829 IMG_8831Short hair makes his ears look even bigger than they already do….
IMG_8836 IMG_8837 IMG_8843 look at those ears!!!!IMG_8844 IMG_8848 IMG_8854 IMG_8856 IMG_8859He looks even cuter if that’s possible. I anticipate we will need to take him every 2 weeks, it’s already grown pretty fast in 5 days.

Next time….even shorter.



One thought on “First.Haircut…Hipster.Toddler

  1. That was fun, seeing the blow by blow of the haircut event! Congratulations! And you will enjoy many more!!

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