It’s a blessing that we humans are, for the most part, blissfully unaware when some task or daily ritual occurs for the very last time. When our boys were younger, we read countless books together at bedtime…..

We know some of these books by heart, and I can still smell that sweet little boy scent and see their little index fingers pointing to the mouse on each page (Goodnight Moon).” He paused, “But….when was it? When was the moments when we closed Goodnight Moon for the last time? If I had known it was the last time, I probably would’ve cried.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday. But then, a night must’ve come…when I wasn’t paying attention…when we didn’t do it. What night was it? It’s a good thing I didn’t realize at the time that it was the last time…because it would’ve broken my heart.

~Under a Summer Sky by Nan Rossiter

These days of sleeping with bum-in-the-air are nearing an end. The days of sleeping in a CRIB are near their end. Baby days are ending.

With each sleep that I rock him down for I just hold on a little tighter. I smell him in…I kiss the soft hair on his head. I don’t want him to grow any faster…but I do…I want him healthy and strong….I just wish I could bottle it all up. Even the bad days. Even the tantrums and tragedies of every day.

It’s bittersweet….I’m just watching him grow and grow and with each breathe get more and more independent.

My boy…my baby….





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