Somewhere in the Grimes gene pool is an affinity for Comic Books and Superheroes….

it did NOT skip this generation

We go to the Tattered Cover bookstore on SUPER bored days under the premise that I will let Reeve pick one book from the THOUSANDS of awesome books there…

it never fails…we spend the whole time pulling these guys off the shelves to look at. He doesn’t even have eyes for The Giving Tree or Thomas the Train….

he can’t read yet, but he loves to flip from page-to-page and tell me the story of what the pictures are doing. I think this means he’s very smart….I already know he is.

He loves to “do it by myself” and make up stories. He’s TWO….

I don’t care if he’s reading comic books or bug books or even cook books, as long as he loves to read.

What amazes me is how he just has always loved Superheroes…I really do believe it’s in the Grimes genes…


20140511-220030.jpgCan I just say he’s the most awesome kid?

We don’t go many places without a cape on and he just brings smiles to faces everywhere we go. I struggle with that cape, it’s torn (in fact, I spent more time sewing the rips today than I did doing laundry) but it’s worth it every time someone yells “Hey, Superman” and he throws his arm up and yells “Up, UP & AWAY” at them.

I love his genes….



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