Sometimes being a baseball wife is hard. Sure, Kirk is the one whose body suffers the wear and tear. He’s the one who gives up 4-5 hours every Sunday….but it’s ME who has to chase the toddler around the game, keep him from sticking his fingers in the fence, feed him, keep him from falling on the metal bleachers, pack a bag with snacks, change poopy diapers in the outfield.

I don’t get to watch one second of the game.

By the time I get home I’m already exhausted…..but then I still have to give the kid a bath and put him to bed.

Oh, and then I have to rush to cook dinner b/c Kirk will be starving before he’s home.

But….I will tell you this. I believe that Reeve growing up seeing his Daddy commit to a sport, keep his body healthy, be a good sportsman, play fairly and do something he loves is very important.

So, I go to EVERY game (even when it’s 30 degrees and rainy). I’m at EVERY GAME!

And I don’t always love it.

But Kirk does and that’s all that matters. He doesn’t complain about my “sport” …ahem….shopping….and so I don’t complain about his.

We decided to take in a Rockies Day Game a few weeks ago and it couldn’t have gone better.

We drove downtown during Nap Time and woke Reeve up to the awesome surprise that is Metropolis (Downtown Denver) and he was so excited.

Kirk chose the PERFECT shaded seats along the 3rd baseline. He found a row that was empty as well as having empty rows in front of and behind us.
IMG_8344 Reeve was pretty into it. He got really excited at the fact that the other team was the “Bag Guys” and kept yelling at them.IMG_8345 I just love the look on Kirk’s face….he’s so happy to have our Little Man at the ballparkIMG_8346 Reeve ate the WHOLE time (seeds, dried fruit, popcorn, nuts)IMG_8347 more Cracker Jacks…I mean, you just have to buy him those. When in Rome, right?IMG_8348“Look Daddy, it’s Joker” he kept yellingIMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8351 IMG_8352 IMG_8353 Watching and loving the actionIMG_8354 IMG_8355 Are you surprised by the cape? We aren’t ever anymore.

In fact, I said to Kirk, “Maybe we will get on the Kiss Cam” and he said, “Reeve will probably get on there with that Cape.”

And wouldn’t you know?

Of the THOUSANDS of people at the field that day, the camera man found Reeve and his Batman Cape and we made it on the big screen for 15 seconds while Reeve waved and waved….IMG_8357 IMG_8359It was an awesome day. He’s obsessed with the Rockies Mascot Dinger now and calls him affectionately, Dingy….

We can’t wait to go back and try some cotton candy this time.



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