(seriously, I deserve an award)

I’m dreading the day when my pre-teen starts playing baseball competitively and my life is shuttling him back and forth to practice and he starts begging to join those Club Teams that are thousands of dollars b/c, seriously, my 37-year-old has me running to enough games already.

So, it WAS his birthday and all, but who wants to spend their birthday going to watch a HS baseball game? It’s not like we even know any of the kids? I spent the whole time watching the slutty teenage girls acting like morons and dressed like whores. I even grabbed a mom to ask her “do they wear that to SCHOOL?” Honestly, if *I* think your skirt is too short, it must be DAMN short b/c I LOVE me some short skirts.

With all of that being said, where we live the schools have some SERIOUSLY amazing views. If I had gone to HS here, i would’ve failed b/c I spent all day dreaming while staring at the snow capped mountains.IMG_8416 Reeve just loved running barefoot on the soccer field while I watched the clouds for falling foul balls that could Simon Birch himIMG_8417 This hair….

Listen, I don’t pay to have it cut b/c it grows SO FAST I’d be paying $20 every week to get it done. I honestly cut 3/4″ off every week….I just cut it today and it’s SHORT….I swear tomorrow it will need trimmed again
IMG_8418 The girls (the Slutty-short-skirt ones) all LOVED Reeve and kept saying, “He’s sooo cute!”  I agree….they may be slutty but they aren’t blind.IMG_8419 Selfies…. IMG_8424 family selfie IMG_8428 playing in the Soccer nets….IMG_8429 IMG_8430

I don’t even know who won…or who they played….again, I was chasing the Rabid Barricuda while Daddy’s stood with his arms crossed and talked baseball with some locals.

I’m tired.

Is this season over yet?


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