I’ve had a few occasions to get dressed up lately. Kirk must think I have been buying all new clothes b/c since I’ve lost weight I’m able to wear dresses from back when we met (and even long before).

Here I am heading to the Mrs. Colorado competition to cheer on my friend who was competing.IMG_8365 With Miss Lara (who helps me with Reeve) (is Tenley’s mom) (keeps me sane b/c she helps with Reeve)IMG_8367 with my neighbor ladies and Mondo from Project Runway when we went downtown to see Chelsea Handler….eye yi yi…she’s hilarious and raunchy!

Mondo told me he liked my pants and jewelry (it’s all Stella & Dot, of course)
IMG_8376 here is some SERIOUS flair. This kid has STYLE….IMG_8406he seriously has the BEST Bed Hair
IMG_8411 heading out to another Ladie’s Night….IMG_8433it feels so good to be able to wear summery dresses again. The weather has been so beautiful.

I love being able to fit in older clothes too….

now, if only my bangs would grow out faster and I didn’t have that awkward Sheepdog look



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