Dear Reeve,
I’m writing this last letter to you as I do most…you are asleep on the bed behind me and it’s race between how long you stay asleep and how much I can get done. I won’t finish this letter in the 90 minutes you nap, I already know that. My mind hasn’t yet even begun to process the awesome-ness that you are and 90 minutes won’t give me enough time to put into words what I’m feeling. This letter begins not ON your actual birthday (that was 2 days ago and spent mostly in the KC Airport getting delayed for 7 hours), but on the day of your 2nd Birthday Party just 2 days later…..and then is finished weeks later as you, again, nap behind me. Time goes too fast, the minutes are gone before I can seem to get a lot done these days.

Just two days into being 2 and I’ve realized life gets *easier* the older you get. If the past two years have been a Sprint, right now it feels like we are in a Marathon and you are always just ahead of me out of my reach. You are ALWAYS on the move and rarely sit still. If I had to choose one word for you at 2-years-old it would be CURIOUS…or stubborn…certainly Active…definitely FUN and always so very, very smart!! My days are filled with small moments of pride that result in an overwhelmingly and deep Joy.

I get such a kick out of you. From the moment you were born and just a tiny guy with dark hair and big earlobes and tiny fingers that didn’t know what to do with themselves….until now…Reeve, writing this 2-year letter feels like one big flashback. I can still feel your tiny little body in my arms. I can still smell that newborn smell and I can hear your coos, see your mouth begging for food like a tiny bird. Time….dammit…it’s going too fast. Not any one moment in my life has been greater than that in which you entered it. I’m so grateful for every single one of the 720-some days we’ve had together.

This is an emotional letter for me. Each sentence fills the corners of my eyes with tears. I wish I had more pictures, more memories. I wish that I was able to remember every second of it so that it never left me. Even on a daily basis I can’t seem to keep up with how quickly you change and grow and the amazingly funny things you say.

Just today, as we were driving to dinner at Miss Kelsi’s house, I heard you in the backseat saying, “Oh shit and Dammit!…shit and dammit….those are naughty words, mommy” and I damn near had to pull over. You can tell the whole “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road” joke and with such a perfect delivery. You even made up a Knock Knock Joke of your own that is MORE than perfect. “What did the sad ghost say to the vampire?  “What?” BOO hoooooo!!!”

I’ve decided that parenting you is an extreme sport. For such a small little man you are so GIANT in character. It’s my favorite thing about you. You are quite bossy lately and I adore it. It’s not so much that you tell me what to do, but that you do so with such authority in your voice. With such confidence and regularity. I want you to be a leader, to have a voice, to know what you want and so I’m so grateful to know that you aren’t going to be one to sit in a corner and let others have all the fun. I watch you often get in other kids faces to excitedly tell them “LOOK AT MY AWESOME NEW SHIRT” or “CHECK OUT MY COOL NEW TATTOO.” Everything still amazes you and you think everyone else should be just awed as you are. You like to boss strangers around too by yelling “People, get out of our way” in line at the airport, Disney World and just about any crowd. You like to randomly yell, “Don’t punch my (blank)” or “quit biting my (blank)” or “Don’t make fun of my Superheroes/friends/hair, etc.” You just make things up and if I say ANYTHING about one of your friends, you say, “don’t make fun of X, he’s my friend” in a very protective way.

You are very proud to admit that “I’m not a baby anymore, I’m a big boy” and, indeed, you are. That’s evident in your amazing jumping skills (Super Reeve), by your scooter-riding ability and the way you can do all 40 stairs in the house on your own. ALso, in how you climb the boulders outside our house or how you can pout like a teenager, crossing your arms and then throwing your body on the floor. You lift items over your head like Superman does cars in any of the 100 Superhero books we have. You play a little rough, like a bigger boy, but you are cuddlier this month than you’ve ever been. Whether it’s when we cover up under my comforter or as I rock you to sleep, you LOVE cuddling me like a big boy…and then, of course, you punch me! 🙂

This month you’ve really started to talk about your feelings and question what you can see in our faces. “Mommy, are you freaking out?” or “Daddy, what’cha thinking about?”  Each morning when you wake up, you now as US “what did you dream about?” and really like to hear. I’m telling you, Kid, the questions you ask and your random one-liners are EPIC. Here are just a few of my favorite:

Give me options (when told he could have a treat if he finished his dinner)
You want me, Wonder Woman? Come get me…here I am
I used to play guitar
You’re hurting my feelings
I’m never kissing mommy again (when you want to punish me you threaten this)
What is bad luck?
Don’t get me sun…you can’t get me (in the car as it beat in on him)
I can’t see my brain…WHY can’t I see my brain?
I just don’t know…I really just don’t know (you answer this to most questions)
Oh really? (sounds like ‘willy’ b/c you still can’t say L)
How tall is the sky?
Is SHIT a naughty word?
What did u dream about?
Wonder Woman, you want me? Come and get me…here I am!
Daddy I want to tell you a story. Once upon a time here was a ghost he didn’t brush his teeth so he ate marshmallows (MY FAVORITE!!!!)

I need to keep a notepad next to me at all time just to write down the things you say. It is WITHOUT A DOUBT that you will either be the Class Clown, searching for a laugh from anyone, or the Troublemaker who can talk other kids into doing anything.

With that being said, you have wonderful manners. You will tell me you want to “kill me dead” and then say your Please, Thank you, No Thank You (quite often to food) or May I please have….  You are learning that manners gets you what you want faster.  One day, when we were leaving a new friend’s house for the first time you turned to her and said, “Thank you, ma’am” and to her 3-year-old son, “Liam, it was nice meeting you.” You could’ve picked my HEAD up off the floor I was so shocked and proud and would’ve given my right arm to have that moment on video.

At your 2-year-checkup, Dr. Taylor asked if you were 2 or 8. He couldn’t believe your vocabulary….you told him your favorite dinosaur (pachycephalosaurus) and told him your Chicken/Road joke. I don’t know how often a pediatrician gets impressed, but I can tell you he was. He walked outside to the Nurse’s Station and retold his whole encounter with you. I should also mention that, again, he said you were in the 100% for height and 85% for weight. He said you are going to be a “big boy” and you said, “I already am!”  Attitude!….and then I’m pretty sure you started picking your nose (a new hobby).

You are such a brave 2-year-old. You will zoom down the slides, with caution of course, and are always concerned any time you hear a baby crying. You love love love to read books and always ask for “one last more” and you must nap with your blanket and sleep at night with a stuffie. You are daddy’s baseball-watching partner and my little artist (painting one painting a day for your gallery). You are strong willed and can still cry with that bottom lip turned down better than anyone. You are getting quite picky about clothing and always request a Superman shirt…I’ve taken to giving you 2 choices that usually aren’t Superman and you freak out. Tantrums are rare, but EPIC…We are working on teaching you that you can’t whine or get everything you want. You usually continue whining and crying while saying, “I can’t whine…mommy says I can’t whine…ahhhhh…” You like to “do it by myself” whether it’s the stairs or reading books at night. There are even some books you know all the words to and blow our minds when you pick them up and read them to us. YOu walk around saying things are “cool” and “awesome” and we can’t believe you are old enough to even do any of these things…we’re pretty certain you are a genius!  🙂

This last month before you turned two involved an amazing trip to Kansas, Florida AND Disney World (that’s a whole post of it’s own)….as always, each trip brought you back to Denver with new words and phrases and acting much older than you are.

These past two years can’t really be gone, can they? Each night as I write down one line in the blue book next to my bed, I read back in time to see what we did one or two years ago on this date. I shouldn’t be surprised by how much you’ve learned and grown, but the idea of you as this tiny little hairy baby is just starting to seem farther and farther from my reach.

Let me just go right ahead and say right now, you may be a “big boy,” but mama still gets to rock you to sleep every day….and though you now can tell me, “I don’t want to go night night” there is always this moment when you are in my arms and you FINALLY give in and your eyes close and your wet mouth starts suckling like when you used to nurse and I’m just…I’m….you’ll always be my baby.

I’m just so proud of the boy that you are, Reeve Denver. You are smart beyond your age, sweet beyond I can put into words, fun beyond I ever imagined and more curious than I am prepared to handle. I am amazed daily by your questions and your thought process. I love listening to you narrate as you play. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

YOU NEVER fail to bring a smile to my face. On our rough days, I swear you push and push and push me as far to the edge as you can and then just when I think I’m going to lose it, you call me “sweetie” or tickle me or toot and I’m just putty in your hands.

Two years old. How can it be? We are always going to be best friends, I just know it. You won’t always want to hold my hand and kiss me and hug me and let me rock you to sleep, I know this, but you will ALWAYS be my baby. My love for you grows with each day, fuller and deeper than any love I’ve known before.

I’m just so glad to be your mama…it’s the best (of many) job I’ve ever had.

To the moon & back…but even further,


2 Year 4 2 Year 6 2 Year 15 2 Year 18 2 Year 27 2 Year 30 2 Year 31 2 Year 51 2 Year 54 2 Year 61 2 Year 120 2 Year 146 2 Year 147


Favorite things to do: play outside with your friends, Play with Tenley, watch movies at the theatre with daddy, paint with your hands, read Superhero books, tee ball, cuss (Oh, Shit and Dammit) and jump off of the couch
Favorite things to eat: you weren’t much of an eater as your molars came in, but we can get you to eat salmon now for money in your piggy bank or a lollipop, hotdogs, cheeseburgers
Dislikes: any pajamas that aren’t Batman, not getting to sleep with a cape on, nursery at the gym
Funny Tricks: telling jokes, singing Let It Go, putting your cape over your face to be a vampire, petting Hannah, sitting yourself in TimeOut on the stairs
Scary items: snakes….and jail
Hair color: Blonde…
Eye color: blue…or green…or both
Clothing size: 3T shirts, 3T pants
Diaper size: 6
Weight: 34.5 pounds (85%)
Height: 38″ (99 %)
Teeth: 20….boy, getting those 4 molars was a lot of fun! You were slobbery all month like a St. Bernard




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