you crack me up.

These days you only want to wear a Batman or Superman shirt. No matter how often I tell you the ones you have are dirty (whether they are or not), you don’t seem to give one rat’s ass.

So, instead, I’ve taken to given you 2 options to choose from so that you feel like you have *some* power….who am I kidding? You often walk around saying, “I’M the BOSS!”  Whatever….it’s true no matter how much I try to deny it…

Today, you chose this Beatles Yellow Submarine shirt. Fine. Great. I love this shirt.

However, you weren’t done….

you wanted to accessorize.

First, your Nacho Libre cape from Kelsi….

then your Superman pin….

last, this wayyyyy too small beanie.

Ta Daaaaaaaa…..



and this, my friends, is what I call Super Doofus….

and I couldn’t love you more



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