I don’t even know where to start with this post.

The emotions I felt the minute we walked through the gates into the Magic Kingdom were simply overwhelming.

Let me start by saying, I was the FIRST person to question what the big deal was. It’s expensive….it’s a lot of walking….junk food….but let me be the first to point out how very wrong I was.

From the moment we arrived, my heart was pounding and my eyes were a constant blur with tears. I have never, not EVER, been so happy to be in the company of 130,000 others.

I remember walking around and telling myself, “you HAVE to remember this..this moment…this feeling…don’t ever forget this…the wonder…Reeve’s face….everything.” I tell you, I was as emotional about our day at Disney World as I was about bringing Reeve home from the hospital.

NOTHING compares to the look on your child’s face when he sees it all…when he takes in the REAL castle and the REAL Mickey Mouse and the REAL Peter Pan and the REAL ghosts in the Haunted Mansion (yes, my 2-year-old LOVED the scariest ride there).

My hope was that I would leave that day wanting to bring him back in a few years when he was even older and could really enjoy it. What happened was the I wanted to go back the next day and see things I hadn’t seen…who would’ve thought?

What follows are just a bunch of pictures. Family will probably be the only ones who read beyond this point, but I hope you do. I hope you see in the pictures how amazing EVERY SINGLE THING at Disney is. From the bushes to the pixie dust to the shaped ice creams to the smiles on faces.

(bummer….they loaded backward, but there are too many to start over)

Reeve watching the parade with daddy….yes, that’s cotton candy (gross) and the one toy he picked out was…big surprise….a pirate sword.

IMG_7713 IMG_7712 IMG_7711 IMG_7709

cotton candy is so gross

IMG_7708 IMG_7705 IMG_7704 of course he picked out a sword as his toy…..IMG_7703 and of COURSE he is now obsessed with canons and pirates and walks around saying “Ahoy, Matey”
IMG_7702 IMG_7701 Pirates of the Caribbean ride….I still can’t believe he rode this dark, scary ride
IMG_7691YUM….Mickey Chocolate Ice CreamIMG_7689 IMG_7688 IMG_7686

How stinking cute are these two?
IMG_7683 IMG_7682Reeve names every horse he sees Duke b/c one time his cousin Jack rode on a carousel and it’s horse was named DukeIMG_7680 IMG_7675 Peter Pan Ride
IMG_7670 IMG_7667 IMG_7666 IMG_7664 IMG_7660 Playing with his lip annoys the crap out of me
IMG_7657In AWE of the Magic Kingdom


Who knew that Mickey Mouse was so hard to find? It took us about 4 hours to locate him

Slushie….a $10 slushie

IMG_7648This was BEFORE we found Mickey, we has NEVER slept in his stroller before and I was so worried he would miss a nap, be sunburnt, hot and pissed out….


We took a picture without him while he was napping.

PS…how cool is this? Kirk’s PROM was at Disney World (he grew up about 30 minutes away)


Of course I bought a Minnie Mouse Caramel Apple….only $14!  Ahem!!!

The ONLY way I could get a picture of him with Mouse Ears on

He even plays with his nipples while he’s sleeping

IMG_7631So, I really wanted to ride the Tea Cups. I remember riding them when I went to Disney Land at the age of 7, but also know that I don’t like anything that spins. I get VERY nauseated. In my head, these were KILLER Tea Cups….since Reeve had fallen asleep while we were in line, we went ahead and rode them anyway since we were right there….

IMG_7626 IMG_7625 IMG_7623

They were so much fun…He slept through the whole thing and claims he “members” riding them

IMG_7622 IMG_7621 IMG_7620 IMG_7617 IMG_7616 IMG_7615 IMG_7614

He loved looking at the map

IMG_7612 We rode Dumbo while Daddy went somewhere…Stroller Parking maybe? It was an hour wait….the longest one of the dayIMG_7610 IMG_7608 This was the play area INSIDE the line…that’s how long it was.  IMG_7606 IMG_7600 IMG_7598 IMG_7597 IMG_7596

I can’t believe he kept these Batman sunglasses on ALL dayIMG_7594 IMG_7593
It’s a Small World….over and over….I remember this ride from being a kid too. Maybe just how the song gets stuck in your head for hours….I loved this ride b/c the characters were all so old and you could tell they had been there for over 50 years.IMG_7580 IMG_7579 IMG_7578

Reeve loved it too. He saw the painted toy soldiers and said, “did Papa Jim make those?”

Halfway through the boat ride, he looked at us, sighed and said, “this is a happy place.” Sweet boy.

Our first ride of the day was the Haunted Mansion. We had NO wait whatsoever and about one minute into it we were in this room that went PITCH dark and had recordings of screams and ghosts and I was certain you were going to freak out. NOPE…you LOVED it….IMG_7576 IMG_7575 IMG_7574 IMG_7572 IMG_7571 IMG_7569You were such a good boy….the whole day long I was just so impressed with how much you listened as we let you run around and explore
IMG_7568 When we walked in, you just TOOK off running and only stopped long enough to napIMG_7567 IMG_7565 IMG_7558 IMG_7557 IMG_7554 IMG_7553I’m ready to go back. Really…I am. If I lived in Florida *yikes* I would take you every day and would pay thousands of dollars if that’s what it cost for an annual pass.

We never had to wait in line for a ride for very long, Dumbo was the longest….the hot dog line was even longer. We bought you everything you wanted since we didn’t have to pay for airfare and were staying at Kirk’s parents nearby….but it WAS still expensive. Easily we spent over $500 on just that one day….

AND WE’D PAY DOUBLE, TRIPLE just for the memories and the looks on your face.



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