I don’t consider myself much of an “artist” but I do think I am pretty creative. Kirk…not so much.

I would love for Reeve to be a Creative Person and the signs are pointing that way. His imagination is amazing, constantly dreaming up stories and words and ideas. I don’t see a lot of kids play with toys and love them the way he does. Sure, there are some that he has no interest in and some that bore him, but when he loves a toy he becomes a part of it’s world.

Painting is no different for us. My friend’s son doesn’t like to paint yet, doesn’t like the mess….and truthfully….a lot of parents don’t either. I understand that. I don’t like mess of any sort….UNLESS it’s art.

Recently we’ve been doing at least one painting a day. I tape a piece of paper to his IKEA easel and he chooses his own colors then smears it on with his paintbrushes. Lately, he’s begun developing his own brush techniques called either “bloops” or “floops” and always remembers to do them both in each painting. He likes to practice circles and has so much fun  naming each painting after it’s done.

and he must always wear this hat when he paints. It’s the cutest quirk. He doesn’t really even like hats, but is somehow able to pull this on his head himself so it’s either inside out or sideways or backwards. I just love that….20140305-153715.jpg

So serious…he always wants to paint with the white (which obviously doesn’t show up on the paper) and gets so frustrated when I tell him we have to wait to use the white until he’s put a layer of other colors on the bottom.20140305-153721.jpg

and this is why I love his mind so much.

After finishing the painting below, he took a step back, looked at it and titled it “Mickey Mouse.”

Do you see it? It’s got red and yellow and he told me the yellow “bloop” in the bottom is Mickey’s button. WHAT?!?!?!!!20140305-153729.jpg

Here is where his mind blows me away.

Below is his piece titled “Captain Hook.”


The blue is the water and the green is the crocodile. I couldn’t make this stuff up, people. The dots around the edges are “Floops” not “bloops”…can’t you tell the difference? 🙂20140305-153734.jpgI can’t bear to think I will ever get rid of any of his painting and I can’t wait until we have enough to create a book from Plum Prints.

He’s amazing, he really is. His mind is constantly dreaming and pretending and I hope I’m able to foster that always and help him learn to turn that into a skill he can use as he’s older…

I can’t wait to share with you the 60″ x 60″ canvas he and I have been painting together for over a month now.

Have a wonderful Thursday…tomorrow is his 2-year-checkup and I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown in 6 months….and to hear the doctor tell me how perfect he is (even though I already know that).


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