I could just, honestly, watch you sleep for hours…of course, that would first mean that you would sleep for hours. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Heavenly, really!

I get such a kick out of watching the faces you make and hearing you talk in your sleep about Batman’s rope or his “titity belt” (utility belt).

Your chest rising and failing. Your lips puckered. Eyelashes so long. Every day I have to remind myself not to just crawl onto our bed next to you and hold you….doing so would surely wake you and, Lord knows, I NEEEEEEED that 45 minutes to sit on the floor next to the bed and breathe and try to figure out how to get you to stop hitting kids. And, laundry..of course, laundry.


It’s so funny to see which pajama pants you want to wear for each nap and always even more fun to remind you that your 3 pair of batman pants are dirty and then argue with you for at least 5 minutes about why you can’t wear them.20140219-083139.jpg

but it’s when you wake up that I get the biggest kick.

Your hair!

It’s everywhere!

and you are so groggy and slow and have even less of a filter….you say such inappropriately funny things….20140219-083205.jpg

and then always touch your chapped lips gently and make the sweetest face.20140219-083215.jpg

and alternate between lips and nose and lips and nose.20140219-083228.jpg



If I’m lucky, you even roll from back to stomach without waking up and then nap for an extra 45 minutes….20140219-083305.jpg


and, Lord, I better always have a bottle ready right next to the bed for when you wake up…or ELSE….20140219-083324.jpg

there’s those lips again20140219-083338.jpg


oh, and how did i forget? If it’s not the finger in the lips or nose, it goes straight to your  nipple so that you can play with them….20140219-083401.jpg

You are such a funny little man20140220-132133.jpg

And watching you sleep during your nap is almost as awesome as 7:19 pm at night when I get 12 GLORIOUS hours to myself…and I dare watch you at night in your crib, for some reason you can smell me in your sleep and wake up the second I even open the door to look at you.

Funny little thing you are…..

one of these days, you won’t nap at all and I will look back on the 45 minutes you gave me each day and wish upon stars that you’d go back to that. I dread the day you nap no more.

Until then…I love your bed head and your lip/nose/nipple fascination…and I love you even more!


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