I shared these pictures on Facebook a few weeks ago and wanted to make sure they made it over here as well.

I keep this blog FOR Reeve….so that someday he can read about his own story with as much enthusiasm as he has now for
“Where the Wild Things Are” or “Puppy, Puppy Please.”

The kid LOVES to read and I just know someday, with equal delight and embarrassment, all of these iPhone pictures and stories will mean so much to him.

The kid won’t take this Batman cape off. Don Linny gave it to him and cut it down to his size and, on this particular day, after a flight back from Kansas where he narrated for the whole plane about “having to rescue Gotham City” and “quick!!!  get me my bat rope” he couldn’t wait to run around the airport and wait for Daddy’s plane to arrive.

I kid you not when I tell you that I saw the faces of travelers in a hurry and tired and stressed just melt into big smiles when they saw him. Old people, young people, even kids were yelling “Hey, Batman!” or pointing or laughing.

I just love that about this kid.

One man stopped, turned around and chased us down. He said to me, “That just made my day. I’ve had the worst day and that just made it for me.” He then asked if he could take a picture and, of course, Reeve took a fighting stance…

He just ran and ran and ran up and down the corridors of DIA.
IMG_7346 and he wanted to be RIGHT there when Daddy came up the elevator…

he was like a little celebrity.

IMG_7347I just wish I had thought to take pictures of all the reactions and faces of strangers…because that was even more delightful than anything. Of course, Daddy’s face lit up when he saw what was waiting for him, but there is just nothing like making people you don’t know smile.

Reeve, you are one in a million….Never change!



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