Catching.UP (Photo.Dump)

I feel like I haven’t been on here in a really long time. I’ve been busy helping organize a 5K to benefit a friend of Kirk’s who is no longer with us and traveling to Kansas and also just trying to keep this busy toddler busy since there’s snow on the ground outside….

it’s tough.

Below are a bunch of random pictures…

a mask Reeve colored at a party. I had to throw it away when he wasn’t looking b/c it was gross with food all over it. I felt bad, you wouldn’t believe how bad, but it had to be done.

He loves his Gymnastics class that we do every Thursday with his friend, Lucas. He was calling it “the Magics” on the first day, but now he’s all big and grown-up and it’s just plain old GymnasticsIMG_7041 These two…probably talking about a Superhero. No, I remember, looking at a Spiderman Shrinky Dink we made.IMG_7048 Lying on Daddy’s guitar. Daddy doesn’t really play guitar….i think he just wanted to seem like a “musician” and bought it and put a bunch of stickers of crappy bands on it. Oh, and that’s Tarzan lying next to Reeve.IMG_7091 Walking through our neighborhood one day when the weather was nice. Even when he doesn’t have an actual cape on, he’s using his arms and pretending he has one flying behind him.IMG_7112 Best Friends….these two are funny. And complete opposites. D never says a word and just smiles…he’s so cute with his dark skin and curls. IMG_7119 Superhero room…we spend about 4 hours a day in this room. I’m starting to despise Superheroes.IMG_7126 just a cute face…..matching jacket and pants.IMG_7167 Fake smile….he likes it when I tell him to say “peace please……”  Did you know that teaching your kid to say “Peace” instead of “cheese” when you tell them to smile for a picture products a more natural smile. Do it. Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and notice the difference in your smile when you say each word. I’m sure it has something to do with the ‘c’ sound of “peace” versus the ‘z’ of “please”  I learned that trick years agoIMG_7168

Grumpy Pants wakes up from each nap and yells at me to “go get me a bottle…..” even though I always have one waiting in the same spot for him every day..IMG_7174 Snow Day….we were bored so I brought it inside and let him play in it. He likes to bury his men in it. I poured a squirt of Strawberry Lemonade MIO in it and he kept eating it.IMG_7185Flying with Daddy
IMG_7186 Lining up all of his Men on a snowy nightIMG_7191 He wanted Krypto, Superman’s dog, separated from the rest of them.IMG_7192 Playing with a Car Garage Don Linny & PPJ gave us over a year ago, but that we just remembered and got out. Hannah liked it tooIMG_7195 Kansas….

He found this little Superman cape from Don Linny and wanted her to have one too. Hers is a Star Wars Pool Towel….he didn’t care. They were shining flashlights at the ceiling.IMG_7205 New Batman cape that hasn’t come off since this picture. Seriously, I have to hide it or tell him it’s dirty to keep him from wearing it. I’ve washed it 4 timesIMG_7211Sweet Face napping in the car
IMG_7217 Is there any question that these 3 blondies with big heads are related? He sometimes calls them his “brothers” Jack or Will (wheel)IMG_7219 IMG_7221 He loves him some JackIMG_7224Don Linny’s boys…
IMG_7231 this was pre-Super Bowl. He was Serious about the game…he had THREE capes on at once.IMG_7234 Watching TV with WillIMG_7240Getting wrapped up in a blanket by Jack
IMG_7245 snow day…we stayed an extra day in Lawrence since the boys’ school got cancelled so he could get some extra Cousin TimeIMG_7248 Oh…..ughhh

What follows is a bunch of pictures of Reeve sleeping on my face. ON. MY. FACE.

I can’t explain how or why, I will only tell you that he was so crabby when he went down for this nap I decided I needed to take one for the team and just lay with him if i had to (which I never do) to make sure he was well-rested and woke up in a better mood. It was new environment for him and so he had a hard time relaxing….

Everytime I tried to roll him off or reposition him, his arms would just splay out wider and he would literally GRAB my face.IMG_7281 I’m the one taking these pictures of us, so I’m not very pretty b/c I’m trying hard not to breathe
Back at Don Linny’s he spent a good amount of time putting Superheroes down this hole in the side table.IMG_7309 Bath hair…
and on our way back home. I swear he’s already  like a teenager….

with the hoodie, the headphones and the major ATTITUDE….I was not loving how he was behaving….
IMG_7327So, I think I’m pretty caught up and hopefully my next post won’t just be a dump of pictures.

We are heading out to Florida soon to see Kirk’s family (and Mickey) and I can’t even imagine the posts that will follow once we see him….I can’t wait.

Have a great weekend. We have a Date Night tonight with a few other couples and are looking forward to having some time downtown.


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