As I’ve mentioned before, Reeve narrates his every move in Superhero language. On the flight back from Kansas, I was both embarrassed and proud of my sweet dude as he yelled, “I have to save the plane” and “Batman needs to rescue Gotham City….”

Strangers were laughing (a few annoyed that he wasn’t quiet) and I was laughing as he stood on his seat then jumped up and fell on his bottom.

Why should a trip to the park be any different?

Ps…don’t be jealous that this is the park by our house and THOSE are the mountains we get to look at every day. 🙂 IMG_6988 IMG_6989 Reeve thinks he’s the King of the Playground….he doesn’t like to share this bench with any kids while he’s there.IMG_6994 Hmmmm…this isn’t very fun…I need something.IMG_6995 Yes, that’s better….just needed my creepy Spiderman maskIMG_6997 I hate that mask….isn’t it weird?  Also, we retired those jeans after seeing this picture.IMG_6998 IMG_7003 IMG_7006 Why do people always laugh when they see my kid? Seriously…he always has on a cape or a mask. It’s not even worth arguing about….at least he brings smiles to strangers faces. IMG_7008 IMG_7011 He was, and I quote, “Looking for the little trolls under the bridge who eat people.”IMG_7012our little family…
IMG_7014 napping on the couch downstairs so we could be lazy and watch TV on a weekend instead of cleaning.IMG_7016 IMG_7017


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