Everyone tells me that when I take Reeve to get a “real” haircut it will get darker….

that doesn’t appear to be the case.

So far, it’s gotten lighter as the Winter season progresses.

It’s also gotten really long and a LOT of body lately.

It’s quiet around here, gearing up for some travels and trying to get ready for the 5Ks we are running in March & April.  Running is NOT fun! Reeve is going through a serious Chapstick phase. So far, he hasn’t eaten any but loves to scmear it all over his face. We talk about Ghosts all day long. He ate a whole Grilled Trees 🙂 sandwich today and calls Hannah his “sister.”

I had a dermatologist appointment this morning and he was a wild man in the office. He was on the coffee table and opening the spigot on their water jar letting it spill everywhere. Everyone kept telling me how cute he was/is.

We went to Story Time after where he sat through NOT ONE story. Who wants to read baby books about cows moo-ing when there is a whole stack of ghost books across the room? The looks I got as I read to him about vampires sucking blood from other moms was priceless…..whatever.

Then we went to Target where he touched EVERY.SINGLE.THING in the store. I don’t put him in the cart b/c he howls and fusses and I like letting him run to get some energy out….but…Lord, child, just don’t touch EVERYTHING!  Also, 4 prescriptions came to almost $800. YIKES!  I only got one of the 3 and called the dermatologist back and told her I wasn’t paying that much (and they were the generic) and she’s going to call me back with some samples, hopefully….

It’s nice here today, but the sun melting the snow just leaves the ground slushy. We won’t play outdoors, most likely, but ready the same ghosts books 20 times and play in the Superhero Room until I can’t stand it anymore.

Ramble complete….

here are some pictures of Reeve from this morning. He said to me, “Do my pictures, mama”











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