Dear Reeve,

the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the end of this 21st month of your life is how confusing this all is. My mind is torn between “how can he possibly be only 21 months?” and “how is it possible that he’s already 21 months?” You both look and act and talk more like a 3 or 4 year old. Where did those 2 other years disappear to?

I think you should know about this amazing gift you have….you make people smile and laugh. Mostly your Daddy and I but also old ladies in stores who think it’s cute the way you run about making “psheeewwww” sounds, any adult in their right mind who knows how cute it is to see a kid in a cape in public, librarians who appreciate a cartwheel or karate kick in the middle of Twinkle Twinkle, definitely your grandparents, ALWAYS the checkout lady at Target to whom you say “fank you” and often a teenager who thinks it’s funny to see a small person using their *magic* to open doors.

Thank you for being funny. And fun.

Reeve, you talk a lot. I mean ALL DAY LONG! There are rarely moments without questions and sound effects and stories and make-believe and more questions. It’s as though you are the first kid ever to say such funny things, as if the sentences and thoughts and “good ideas” you have are the most amazing words ever strung together…and, in our world, they truly are. I feel like this is the age where I need to start carrying a notepad and pen with me at all times so I can quickly write down the amazingly funny & inappropriate things you say. Today you looked at me and asked, “how’s it going, mommy?” Still, most of your friends are barely talking, unable to enunciate much and you are walking around asking if a book has a “sarcophagus” in it, telling us your “flavorite” dinosaur is a Pachycepholasaurus.

You are at this amazing, fun age where you say things like, “I have a good idea” and really do. It’s either wanting to play with a certain Superhero or go outside or paint and it’s always fun for you for all of about 10 seconds until you are ready to move onto the next thing. You are very creative, playing out make believe scenes and situations in the backseat with your “men.” You have absolutely NO filter whatsoever and say exactly what is in your mind. I love this, I have this same problem…it’s not so cute when you are 34. I get to hear exactly what is on your mind at any given moment, I love that you don’t know to protect me from anything yet. You like to make up words and will say, “I’m talking about fum-kump” and then just crack up at yourself. You can conceive time, to a point, and always ask if you did something “last-erday.”

You are very observant, I’ve mentioned before how you pick up on the things I say. I have this app on my phone where I can scan certain items for points towards free money and every time we walk in Target you say, “I have to get my points.” You like to write “e-meals” to Miss Jessica anytime you see a keyboard and like to ask me, “Can Lucas have my tattoo/superman/book/cape” regarding anything you LOVE. It’s your way of asking me if you have to share…or, perhaps, it’s because I threaten to give all of those things to Lucas every time you punch someone.

You have Heat Vision!!! and squint your eyes then tell us “be careful” as you stare at us. You can tell us when you are finished eating (though it’s usually after one or two bites) and say, “I’m full….I ate too much food, may I be scused?”  You can whisper, though only  the word “hell0” (which is heddo b/c you can’t say the letter L). You can say the Alphabet all the way to letter G, always leaving out E. You are quite contrary and will tell me red is green or squares are circles or Batman is Aquaman just to see if I will correct you. I do….you know exactly what you are doing and think it’s funny to try to tell a lie.

You told me “I ‘member this movie” about one you’d seen months ago and told me as the sun was hitting your eye in the car that you wanted me to “tell the sun he can’t get my eyes.” After one Gymnastics class you told me “I had fun at The Magics” and then proceeded to karate in my direction all day.

You are back into all things Ghosts right now. Halloween was well over 2 months ago, yet we are the only people checking out books about *mummy ghosts* and monsters and vampires. It’s almost a tie at this point between ghosts and Superman….dare I say. You have to read about 4 ghost books each night and surprised the heck out of me last night when you said, “B……O……O…..BOO!”  What?!?!  You can spell now? Of course, then you said, “I’m gonna spell rattlesnake…D….E….R”. Well, at least I know you know what a letter is. You also REALLY love this funny book character named Skippy Jon Jones who is a cat who thinks he is a Spanish-speaking chihuahua….you scream “SKIPPY JON JONES” and can tell me the story versus me reading it to you. In fact, you do this with most books and are even starting to tell me the words before I can read them.

The things you say and the enunciation with which you say them is amazing, but what’s equally astounding is your memory and imagination. I often just shake my head in shock and let the others moms ask me “how old is he?” then watch as their faces register that you aren’t 3, let alone 2…

We had a pretty busy month with Christmas starting it off. To say that I decorated and went overboard is an exaggeration.  This house was BEAUTIFUL…for once, I was sad to take it all down. We continued our tradition of a real tree and spend Christmas Eve wrapping presents and setting them just so under the tree. You did not disappoint. As Daddy walked you down the stairs on Christmas Morning, you stopped…amazed by the lights and the presents. Your hand went to your forehead in disbelief. You said, “Santa came!!!!!” and my heart shattered in a million tiny pieces on the floor. It was that moment that I vowed Christmas would always be an over-abundance….I tell you “no” 100 times a day for 364 days and on that ONE day….just one…MAGIC will exist.

You were slow to understand the unwrapping process, but once you picked up on the fact that each package contained a toy you ran from present to present. First, you only wanted to unwrap those in Spiderman paper, but then showed no discretion and just wanted to open them all. There were moments so special that my heart is certain Santa really came. When you opened your big present from Santa and saw the Batcave, your face was pure JOY.  You couldn’t contain your emotion, jumping, shouting, begging….you said, “it’s a Batman” SEVEN times. It was THE moment that will live on in our family stories for years and years. Let’s not, however, talk about the Leap Pad computer that you broke within 2 minutes of owning.

Christmas was a wonderful day spent in our own home with the three of us. We didn’t even leave the house. Days later, we took down the decorations and packed up the car for a 7 hour road trip to Telluride to see your cousins Nadja & Isaac. We had an amazing time….despite the fact you talked for 5 hours straight each way. You were pretty entertaining. This was your first time facing forward in the car seat and you let us know how much you enjoyed it. You talked the whole way about going to see your Cousin Reever? and kept yelling “Cows you STINK!!!” then fake laughing as loud as you possibly could. I found the humor in your many “Are we going to be there soon?” questions  and laughed how you played with your Men in the backseat.

You loved playing with your cousins and even went to Day Care with Isaac for one day while we skied. I was so nervous and certain we had to hurry back to pick you up before nap time so you wouldn’t wake the other kids who would definitely nap, while you would not. I was SO wrong! We called to tell them we were on our way and they said you were napping?!?  It was adorable to see your little body on the tiny cot with the other children. You woke up and saw me and said, “I had so much fun” and later, “I’m so proud of myself.” I love to hear your affirmations.  You always make ME so proud when you say this, but also “Mommy always comes back” which is what I tell you each time I drop you off with any babysitter or at “school.” When you repeat this to me, it tells me that you trust me, that you believe me. Thank YOU!  You played mostly well with your cousins and worked hard to share. Often you would play so hard you would come up to me and say “I need a break” or I would ask what you were doing and you would say, “Just sitting, mama.” We rang in the New Year with a Kid Dance Party on a sheepskin rug (you called it your “cloud).

This month you have been somewhat of a Daddy’s Boy often saying, “Mommy, don’t come down here” when I come into the basement as you two play. You will choose Daddy over me knowing it will get a reaction out of me. You give daddy more hugs and kisses this month than ever. Still, you are mine! You love our cuddles and nothing more than those 5 minutes I rock you down for your nap each day. You now put your hand on my heart and pat me or we still just stare into each other. You need your Superman blanket for nap and your Superman doll for nighttime. You still make me sing “Holy Night song” and “rainbow song” and “knick knack” song. I tell you “close your eyes” and you try so hard to squeeze them shut. You whisper, “okay” and try and try and they pop back open just to smile at me. Naps are usually about 90 minutes and nighttime is always 12+ hours. You still haven’t even attempted to crawl out of your crib.

You have a Listening Chart where you can earn stickers and then a toy/book/activity. I’d say you “earn” 5 a week and mostly only have bad days when we play at Lucas’ house and you punch him. Bad days are rare, but I’m thinking it’s because we took away ALL Superhero cartoons after the Leap Pad incident. You now see them on Netflix and say, “I can’t watch those anymore”….

You still aren’t a big eater, I don’t know how you are so big for your age. I took away milk until after all meals and was so proud that you began eating like a horse that I talked aloud about it. I should’ve known better…..a week later you stopped eating eggs and chicken nuggets and mac n cheese. Of course, you now love Summer Sausage/pepperonis and anything spicy or sour. You often tell me, “I’m full” or “I’m done” or “I ate too much food” and I can’t even imagine it’s true. We are working on “may I be excused?” and you love practicing and saying “scused may please I be?”

As I mentioned, you are still much bigger than your peers and I’m always shocked when I see them physically doing something you haven’t’ done yet b/c I forget you are younger. For instance, you haven’t really attempted to walk down any stairs yet, preferring to slide on your belly still. If Daddy helps you, you will try with him holding your hand, but mostly always insist I carry you down them. You like to build towers and work on balancing the blocks as high as you can before you knock them down. You are learning your letters, can identify ALL colors (though like to pretend otherwise) and can draw circles…kind of….we still can’t tell which hand you are best with.

We moved up to Toddler Story time where you were so happy and participatory the first 3 time, then as soon as we took Don Linny & PPJ when they came to town you were a monster. That’s okay…I think you were just excited they surprised you. You always forget I am even here when they are around…it’s pretty nice.

We had a great month full of deep conversations and belly laughs. I just wish I could record it all so I’d never forget it. It’s all just gone so fast and as I think about how there are only 2 more letters before I stop counting your age in months, but in years, I choke up a little. It really does feel like just yesterday we brought you home…but also as if I’ve known you forever.

I’m just so grateful for this little family and all that you teach me. In your world, the journey and everything along the way is as exciting as the destination. The Park is great, but so are the stairs we get to climb and that flagpole whipping in the wind and the sculpture you can circle and even the little bridge we cross that has “trolls” under it is just as fun as the slide you sit on and say “I’m so brave.” You are so full of life. And love.

Without a doubt, my favorite time of my life is any day you’ve been in it. I delight in taking you everywhere with me and cannot stand to be that far from you. Today you slept an hour past when I woke up and it was just all I could do not to wake you to play.

You are behind me on the bed napping as I sit on the floor and type this. I hear you breathing, but I keep turning to see your tummy rise and fall. Your cheeks are red and your eyelashes so long. I’m told someday all that I write will embarrass you, but what I hope you know, Reeve Denver, is that I love each moment with you so much that I want you to know that I would be the saddest mommy ever if I forgot any of it for one second.

Reeve, I love you to the moon…but…further,


21 months 4 21 months 8 21 months 12 21 months 14 21 months 15 rock

Favorite things to do: punch, kick, go down the slide, tell *jokes*, pretend your arms a cape behind you, your Avengers punching bag, play with your damn nipples, dive in the bathtub and splash, write e-meals to Miss Jessica, climb, gymnastics,
Favorite things to eat: grilled trees (cheese), noodles, apples, Smart Ones Cheeseburgers, cheese puffs at birthday parties, cake, frozen grapes, waffles, turkey bacon
Dislikes: when I get too far away, having to sit on the stairs when in trouble, when we play the wrong Casper cartoon?,
Funny Tricks: Heat Vision, karate kicks, making up words ~ “I’m talking about oomph”, standing on the cage, trying to ride your scooter
Scary items: after a trip to the zoo, snakes can be used to scare you
Cute item: track suit, you like to wear your bike helmet inside, scooter, backpack, dressing up in Spiderman costume and going out in public, wearing a cape in public, Skippy Jon Jones
Hair color: Blonde… You’ve had a few trims by mama
Eye color: Less blue and more green like daddy’s
Clothing size: 3T shirts, 3T pants
Diaper size: 5
Weight: 31-ish pounds
Height: 37″
Teeth: 14 (back molars are starting to cut through)


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