it’s been slow here, Don Linny & Papa Jim were in town and I was busy doing things I don’t have time to do with Reeve clinging to my leg or punching me. I’ve had Lutheran Family Services here to pick up unwanted furniture, ordered Family Album pictures, cleaned out drawers, laundry, read a book….you know, the *fun* things.

I’m 3 weeks into the 52 Lists Project and I’m loving it. You know what I love best? Writing and not typing in a clean journal, I realize I don’t write anything except my name very often and that’s just a scribble really.

A Story Behind Every Scar. You know, I’ve never felt the shame I hear is common with a C-Section…I assume it’s b/c I put the health and safety of my child ahead of my “plan” or “ideals.”

Reeve LOVES monsters and will get a kick out of this Rock Monster project

When did being a Mom become a Competitive Sport

Giant Coloring Pages for kids

I think I need these to save some space in my kitchen

my Right Hand really does need this

guilty…sometimes (okay, always) when Reeve is napping I watch videos like this one instead of doing housework because I believe a clean soul is better than a clean home

Photography can be beautiful. It can be bad. It can be incorrect. It can be happy. And it can be REAL…this story is so honest and, though terribly sad, is a blessing for him to always have.

More of THIS

Less of THIS

We are going to try these 30 Days of Paleo Crockpot Recipes.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I really do just love hearts. Pure hearts. Open hearts. Even broken hearts

the world is such a beautiful place

and…the sweetest big brother you’ve ever seen. Tears will follow, but joy will fill your heart







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