Telluride (

I mean, there are places on this Earth that you feel at peace. Places where time slows down. Sometimes, *most* times, for me it’s a beach. It’s Italy. It’s a quick trip to Kansas. It’s a new city.

and now it’s Telluride.

Kirk actually took some time off (he lost over 2 weeks of unused vacation in 2013) the first week of the year and we made the 6.5 hour road trip down there to stay with his cousin, Amanda, and her family.

We were hesitant to make the trip with Reeve. He’s flown over 50 times, but never ridden in the car for more than an hour or so. We woke up early and played with his Superheroes for the first 4 hours, he napped right on time for 2 and then we were there….easy pea-zy

We took his bib and snow coat for the week….apparently he’s outgrown it and we need to hit the racks when they are on sale for a new one.  Check out his flood pants.
IMG_6832 We went Cross Country skiing on our first morning there. Reeve rode in this carrier (cage)…he did NOT love it. In fact, he kept repeating over and over, “I want out…this is NOT fun….I don’t like this” even though he did eventually fall asleep for about an hour.IMG_6833 Poor Simon did all the work. Kirk and I were not very good at it, but at least I ski so knew the mechanics. It was Kirk’s first time on skis…he spent a lot of time on his butt. 🙂  I was so sore the next morning from relying too heavily on the poles. It was a BLAST though…totally different than downhill skiing. And an excellent exercise to loosen me up for Downhill the next day, the motion helped my muscle memory and I don’t think I’ve ever skied  better.IMG_6834 Once we let Reeve out of the cage, he was so happy just to run in the snow and chase after the many dogs pouncing about.IMG_6835IMG_6697

He LOVED his cousins SO much. Here are he and his cousin taking a scrub together

IMG_6714 More snow playIMG_6836 Ready to eatIMG_6837 Running through mountain villageIMG_6838 absolutely amazed by all the people, lifts and going-ons in the villageIMG_6839 a story with cousinsIMG_6840Us skiing while Reeve was in daycare…he even took a NAP for the sweet ladies…for over 2 hours. I was afraid he would be a mess, but he loved it and when we picked him up the first thing he said was, “I had so much fun….i’m so proud of myself.”
IMG_6841 it was GORGEOUS!!!IMG_6842 IMG_6843 On New Year’s Eve the kids had a dance party and a countdown (to Tai Pai time). They each wore their chosen hat and wore themselves out. It was adorable and we laughed so hard.IMG_6844 IMG_6845 I rented ice skates….I’m not very good, but I didn’t fall. And with that mountain behind me, how could you NOT skate?IMG_6846 I pushed Reeve around on one of those toddler-skate-helper-thingies and skated around with him. He liked this a lot more than skiing.IMG_6847 IMG_6848 and on the ride home he slept for 45 minutes and talked for SIX hours straight!!!!!

IMG_6849We had a blast. It was wonderfully relaxing and Kirk’s cousins were so generous to welcome us. We ate amazing food, hot tubbed, drank, talked and plan on going back this fall for their Blues & Brews Music Festival.




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