I think nightstands are interesting. They are very telling of how one spends their last seconds each day.

Mine, for instance, has some of my VERY favorite things on it.

Below, you will notice (left) a book with a picture of Kirk and I on our wedding day. It’s filled with all of the emails we sent each other as we met and the first 2 years we dated…there are over 250 emails and it’s one of my most cherished posessions.

More books center and on the right.

You will see my Oliver Peoples glasses which I adore.

Twisted Peppermint lotion by Bath & Body Works. I LOVE the smell. It just personifies Christmas and The Season.

Coaster for my water


my 4 journals.



20140106-140530.jpgThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is an old book to me. It’s a book about goals more so than resolutions and I’ve probably read it 5 times. The author is where I got my idea to do Monthly Challenges.

The Green Composition book is kind of my grocery list, notepad, idea keeper….

The striped book is my 52 Lists book where I complete Moorea Seal’s lists. I LOVE making lists and this kind is my favorite.

The blue book is called One Line A Day and is for Reeve. I started writing one line a day in 2012 when I was pregnant. It’s so fun to look back each day as I write. On this day in 2012 I was wondering if Reeve would look like daddy with his eyes and curly hair (NO) and if he would stop crying when he heard my voice (YES). In 2013 he spent the day rough-housing at Story Time and in 2014 had a Snow Day and watched Monster, Inc.

I just love this book. I don’t always remember the small details but this book helps me remember the big moments.

What’s on your nightstand?

Leave a comment and let me know what the last and first things you look at each day are?


One thought on “Nightstand

  1. I have a glass of water, the latest book I am reading (right now it is a book about the Kennedy assassination…I got 6 for Christmas), lotion and my cell phone.

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