Daddy wanted to get Reeve a special present from him this Christmas. I guess he had a vision of a Bike Under a Tree.

He got this Radio Flyer First Scooter and now begs to ride it daily.

I make him wear a helmet even though he really just stands on it and we push him for now. The helmet is too big, but the size smaller is too small. I told him JUST ONCE that he has to wear it to protect his “beautiful bean” and now he walks around asking where his helmet is for his beautiful bean. Doofus!

Let’s just take a minute to focus on the fact that he’s STILL ONLY ONE!

He’s so HUGE!!!20140106-141057.jpg



Outfit change….


and trying on glasses with Daddy & I at Target as we try to use up the last of our RIDICULOUS amount of money accidentally put into our Dental/Vision FSA.  I hope he never has to wear glasses, odds are he will, but he looks pretty cute in them.20140106-141121.jpg


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