I feel like this post isn’t going to be that good, I will just go ahead and lay that out there.

As I type this I am sitting on a couch in Telluride listening to the WSP NYE show. I just drank a glass of champagne in the hot tub b/c I skiied all day. Rough, huh? Let me just say my brain is more tired than my legs. Did I mention that yesterday we went Cross Country skiing and I’m still sore and tired from that?

Oh well, the night before Christmas Eve I put Reeve down in this getup. Those are Batman size 5T pants, a snowman shirt and Cookie Monster socks.

DON”T EVER PUT YOUR KID TO BED IN COOKIE MONSTER SOCKS, I tell you. Why? Because he will be up ALL night crying, “I want my Superman sockies….Green Lantern socks….”

Wait, maybe that’s just MY kid.IMG_6522How cute is that but up in the air business? I love that he still does this, it’s one of the few reminders that he’s a “baby” IMG_6521We woke up and went to Story Time at the library where we were one of 3 families. Reeve wanted NOTHING to do with Story time…he just wanted to “push buttons.” I asked him what he was doing and he said, I kid you not, “typing uh-mail to Santa.” Yes, my kid wanted to email Santa.IMG_6525That afternoon, after we made Daddy quit working, we tried something new. New, as in, new to me.

We baked cookies that we actually made….in a blender.

I let Reeve roll out some of the dough and then proceeded to cut out 47 trees, 23 snowmen, 18 gingerbread men and 44 little tiny stars for the elves.

What a mess!

And someone needs their bangs trimmed…ME!IMG_6531He had so much fun pushing the cutters down over and over into the dough, which really just meant I had to roll the dough out over and over. And rolling the dough out is NOT my favorite part.IMG_6535 IMG_6540 IMG_6542After his bath, he got to open one Special present from us. Notice what he’s playing with….
IMG_6555His Christmas Jammies, Batman slippers and 2 new Christmas books.IMG_6553

He was so excited about those slippers that he slept snuggling them.IMG_6560 IMG_6563 Then he read his new Pete the Cat book with Daddy.IMG_6564 IMG_6566 Then ‘Twas the Night Before ChristmasIMG_6567We put out cookies for Santa, the elves and carrots for the Reindeer.
IMG_6568 After he was asleep, Daddy assembled the scooter…IMG_6571 and THIS is what he woke up to on Christmas Morning….IMG_6572 He only wanted to open the packages wrapped in Spiderman wrapping. (note, I bought him a LOT of books and individually wrapped those so number of presents appears larger than one might think)IMG_6574 He asked me earlier this year, when we started talking about Christmas, for a Superman/Green Lantern/Batman train. I spent weeks painting this in spurts during his nap time….he couldn’t have really cared less.IMG_6576all of our stockings.
IMG_6577 I wish I could put the video on here of when he came down the stairs to see all the presents. I was waiting at the bottom as Daddy walked him down in my one-piece Superman jammies. He said, “Mommy’s Superman?” He got to the bottom stairs and the light hit his face and he stopped to look through the railings and went, “ahhhhhhhh, Santa came.” At the bottom stair he was in such shock/bewilderment he put his hand on his head and just stared for a moment.IMG_6579It took him a moment to understand what was going on and slowly opened the first present…then another….once he got the idea of how fun it was to rip paper off he went to town.
IMG_6584 IMG_6587 IMG_6591 IMG_6592 IMG_6595 Christmas Selfie….IMG_6596 IMG_6597 back to more presents….IMG_6603 IMG_6604 pause to read one page of one bookIMG_6606 IMG_6609 now onto the ones that weren’t in Spiderman wrapping…IMG_6613
It was a wonderful day. We did not leave the house and didn’t even get out of our pajamas until that evening. We grilled enormous steaks and ate gluttonous amounts of cookies….

But my favorite moment of all-time…one that will be the stuff we talk about for years, was when he opened the Batcave from Santa….he kept repeating “a Batman…a Batman” (6 times in fact) then jumped with glee as Daddy helped him open the present. He LOVED it.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We chose to stay in Denver this year so Reeve could experience the day in his own home and I’m so glad we did. We’ve decided we will probably spend every other year at home.

I am somewhat sad that The Season is over. I’ve never really cared about decorating for the Holidays or baking or the music, but something inside of me this year really grasped on to every detail I could.

My heart literally grew 3 sizes.



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