Baby Jeez-Nus

I’ve taken great care to talk to Reeve about the birth of Baby Jeez-Nus and what Christmas actually is (as well as over-spending on material items and doing MORE than my share to help our economy) this year.

I wanted to make sure Reeve knew we were celebrating Jesus who was sent by God b/c He loved us so much that He then sacrificed His only son. Since my son has been born, this story and this message are even dearer to me.

One thing Reeve was able to understand was Birthdays = birthday cake… we baked one for Baby Jeez-Nus.

Note the *J* in sprinkles and red/green Menorah candles that were 90% off at Target. 20131222-171152.jpg

He was so good and patient and didn’t even dip his finger in the frosting.

I did.20131222-171159.jpg

20131222-171206.jpgThe sweetest part was when he tried to blow out the candles.

We told him to “Blow hard….”

this resembled him trying to blow bubbles in water and resulted in a lot of spit.

Finally, after we laughed at him trying for a few minutes, he blew the last two out. I cheered and he was scared by the massive amounts of smoke those Menorah candles put off.

The cake was as dry as a bone, but the tears in my eyes made up for it.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jeez-Nus


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