I remember BR (before Reeve) when I would see kids out in public in costumes when it wasn’t Halloween and I would giggle to myself and tell their parents how cute they were.

I certainly never thought of it as something I couldn’t wait for my own kid to do.

And then….we woke up on a Thursday morning and Reeve said, “Wear Spiderman costume” and it was 6 days until Christmas and my To Do List was too long to argue and we found ourselves the “Superhero Spectacle at the Mall.”

and let me tell you……

it was the BEST day EVER.

Reeve was like Elmo or Mickey Mouse or whatever.

He brought a smile to the faces of grown, grumpy men.

He made old women squeal.

Little kids pointed with envy.

We even had a teenager in Best Buy stop to talk to us! A teenager!

Reeve was so proud that everyone recognized him by NAME…

“is that Spiderman?” they asked

“it sure is,” I said20131221-065052.jpg






it’s a lot of work being a Superhero20131221-065137.jpg

This little boy is my hero.

His energy, his spirit…he just goes and goes and goes and if the Energizer Bunny wore a cape I would buy it in every size b/c this kid has THAT MUCH energy.20131221-065535.jpgNow, getting him out of it for bedtime involved changing him into Superman pajamas and socks (and don’t even think about the Cookie Monster socks or you will hear him ALL hours of the night whining, “don’t like cookie monster….want superman socks)

Did you see any superheroes while you were out shopping this year?



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