We call him Captain Doofus and he can be seen running the cul de sac in many combinations of Superhero t-shirts/capes/leather jackets and Monster hats….and shoes that blink20131220-131337.jpg

He’s very fast…a blur really20131220-131358.jpg

he likes to pause to watch the Mr. Sun set and yell “bye bye sun, go sleepy”20131220-131407.jpg

then turn and run to look for Mr. Moon who never really gets to see Mr. Sun20131220-131415.jpg

and we like him even best now that he can clean….

(see the mustache on the wedding picture of Kirk & me? I put that there a long time ago…and it’s just never come off)20131220-131423.jpgLet me just tell you, Captain Doofus is the best damn thing we’ve ever done. He’s cute and fun and quite good at picking up tiny pine needles.



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