This.Is.My.Day….every day

Reeve woke up the other morning with his shirt like this. At first, I was like, why can’t I get this untangled? Then, I realized the kid had stuck his arm back down the neck hole of the shirt again and I kind of freaked out thinking he could’ve strangled himself or something.

And you know what, I guarantee he did it all so that he could play with his nipple. Why does he do that? I asked him and he said it’s because it’s “hard-y”. Doofus. Look at those poor red, chapped Southern Cheeks.

Do you know what Southern Cheeks are? I didn’t either…Kirk says that some babies have them. Droopy cheeks. Not fat or not baby jowls, but a definite Cheek of their own? Got me…


So, after we’ve eaten and brushed our teeth and gotten a new diaper and Daddy is off for the day, I always ask Reeve what he wants to do. He always says, “Super heroes.”

Okay. Whatever. Well, we came back from Christmas in Kansas (Thanksgiving) with so many more new toys that I decided they all need to stay in one room. No more action figures in the living room, no more in the Playroom #1 in the basement, no more at the dining room table or in the kitchen, they would all only stay in Playroom #2 upstairs formerly known as the Choo Choo Room. Now, this room is appropriately titled the “Superhero Room”….you can see why.20131214-153646.jpg

He loves to read his new Spiderman book that has 3 pages at the end with some additional Marvel toys you can buy. Thanks, Marvel, for knowing that moms everywhere reading this book will then have to rush out and buy the Buggy and Plane and Rhino to keep your kid happy b/c he NEVER stops talking about it and asking to “go see Santa so I can ask him for Spiderman Buggy” or “for ‘dis Rhino” (which PPJ just called to tell me he bought and sent him)20131214-153638.jpgSo, we make it downstairs to the living room for lunch where I’ve forgotten about the little pencil bag that has mini-action figures in it…

and we spend the next 90 minutes doing this.


Lining them up over and over and over again so we can name them and rearrange them and say each one’s appropriate catchphrase.

Holy Moly, Batman!

Up UP & Away!

Time to Climb!

The Joke’s on you!


He just adores them….

I’m pretty damn tired of playing with them when there are a couple of hundred of dollars of toys upstairs that are blocks and magnets and pegs for Christmas that I am going to try to distract him with that I know he will not have a damn thing to do with.

Our house is littered with Superman blankets and Spiderman masks and Batman capes. Lord, even the dog has a stuffed Superman that she harasses me with.

I can’t escape the “men”….they are everywhere. And to be honest, they come with a lot of punching too.


why can’t my kid love crafting? If only he’d spend all day coloring and gluing and glittering with me….


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