I’ve been sort of out of the blogging mode lately. Perhaps it’s b/c I’m trying to stay afloat keeping up with Reeve, he’s just SO busy. I’m so proud of his vocabulary, but he just talks all the time. Sometimes, when I have a minute to myself, I just want to hold that minute quietly in the dark corner of my closet where I can breathe without worrying it will wake him up.

With that being said, I LOVE the shit out of that kid. He’s a blast and SO very smart. In my *downtime* I do find some things on the dear old Internet that make me smile (or cry) and I just love sharing them with all of you.

Gosh, sometimes I wish John Quinones would surprise me….if I were ever on this show there is NO doubt I would stick up for the underdog/the weak/the abused/the different/the lesser…..Intolerance is UNACCEPTABLE!!!  Silence condones…

Very cool Name Chart from over the past 6 decades

My favorite new Pinterest board

Kansas Craft House….I would love a weekend there with my girlfriends

Kirk needs a pair of these

and he might be getting this for Christmas

10 Holiday Cocktails

Cute printable gift for the little man in your life

Who remembers these from their Elementary School Library…I do!

My favorite new blog

Joy to the World

Would your husband do this for you

and finally, how cute are these drawings of Superheroes as children?

Have a wonderful weekend!