We went back up the hill to the Sundial House to see Santa this past weekend. Our community does it up. I mean they really DO IT UP….Santa has a real beard of his own and Mrs. Clause is really his wife. They hand out sparkling LED treats and cookies from the fancy place nearby with a good 1/4″ of sugar on them called Eileen’s and ice cold milk from the local dairy. It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest with you.

We prepped Reeve pretty well. We practiced asking Santa for the toys he wanted “a Spiderman toy” and practiced telling him Thank you….

Here he is looking at the tree as we waited. 20131214-153233.jpg

Here he is once we saw Santa.

This just cracks me up. I know some moms who say they don’t take their toddlers b/c they know they will freak out….duh….all the more reason to have your camera ready, I say.

Is there anything cuter than your own kid screaming b/c a stranger is trying to get them to sit on their lap? 20131214-153245.jpg

I love this picture. I’m not sure who is more terrified?20131214-153251.jpg

Right after Santa, we headed to our favorite neighborhood bookstore. Tattered Cover is one of our FAVORITE places to read and explore and run wild….

I was so excited to take Reeve to the reading of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Reeve knew just a little about the Grinch, I had quickly tried to read him the book (it’s realllllllly long) and tried to get him to sit through some of the movie (kind of creepy and not as whimsical as the Dr. Suess book is in my mind).

For instance, he was pretty obsessed with the fact that the Grinch is green, that he hands out candy canes (I made that one up) and that he was “so cute?” (I have no idea).

So we went and took Daddy.

All the little kids sat so quietly and politely.

My kid stood in front of them and played with his nipples blocking their view the whole time. I had to keep yanking him back down.20131214-153257.jpg

Then he played Peek a Boo with us, quite loudly.20131214-153306.jpg

Then he put his fingers in his ears and basically let us know he didn’t care about listening to the story or us.20131214-153312.jpg

and then….the GRINCH walked out.

Now, listen, why is it kids are TERRIFIED of Santa Claus who GIVES them toys and jumped up and down in anticipation for the Grinch who STEALS their toys?

I just don’t get it.20131214-153317.jpg

Reeve was so excited to meet him.

After, we went back to the Christmas Book section where Reeve found this Frozen book. He loves to lie on the green (and dirty) carpet. 20131214-153323.jpg


20131214-153335.jpgHe looked so big and so cute.

And here’s my precious boy in 2012 and 2013 side-by-side. Same face just more teeth and hair. Isn’t he a doll? I love the way his little lip pouts out…he’s so yummy!!!


It was a great day. We filled our day with Christmas and family and it just made the perfect way to start a morning.

and then…he didn’t take a nap and I yelled at Kirk for cleaning the house too loud !!?????!!! and waking him up and friends came over with booze and all was well.


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