This past weekend we FINALLY had a chance as a family to get a tree. We debated Real vs. Fake (Kirk’s only ever done real and I prefer fake b/c of the cleanup)…..I broke and decided I want Reeve to grow up with the Real Tree Tradition that his Daddy’s loves so much.

Traditions are very important to me since we live so far from family with whom we would otherwise create traditions with. So much so, in fact, that Kirk thinks I go a little overboard.IMG_6188

It was freezing when we picked out our tree. Reeve’s cheeks were rosy and red, but he was so excited. He ran from tree to tree asking “this one? this one?” We waited until Reeve napped to bring it in the house and then excitedly ran him downstairs to show him the tree in the house when he woke up. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.

Eh…..he could’ve cared less.

He did, however, LOVE the Green Grinch Milk I made for him to drink as we decorated.


He learned how to blow bubbles with a straw….20131207-212320.jpg

He wasn’t super excited to hang ornaments on the tree as we didn’t have any Superman or Batman ornaments. That’s all he really wanted. He did like “flying” with daddy down the hall. Note Daddy is wearing his cape. 🙂 He would kill me if he saw this.20131207-212334.jpg

It’s exhausting to be a Superhero….20131207-212341.jpg

We changed him out of his nap pants and into his favorite new jeans from Don Linny….he also is obsessed with his new stocking cap from her too. All of a sudden he’ll wear hats and gets so mad if you try to adjust them.20131207-212347.jpg

Yes, those are matching Batman socks too. 20131207-212352.jpg

He was excited to see the lights go up on the tree and it really started to make more sense how *magical* the tree is once it was dark and the lights really glowed.20131207-212605.jpg

and now I can’t really get him to stop pulling ornaments off of the tree and hiding his Men in the branches. 20131215-203702.jpg

He likes to find the ones that say HOPE and point them out as well as try to pull the real Superman ornament off when we aren’t looking so he can make it fly….it’s breakable!20131215-203716.jpgI love how the house looks with the tree in the corner and am thinking we need a plant.

Anyone know anything about fake plants that are as big as Christmas trees? I’m thinking we are in the market for one.




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  1. Thanks so much for documenting these events! I felt like we were there! And, again, Thanks for the live tree! We haven’t given in yet either. We took Kirk and Ryan along to help us pick out ours. Love, Joyce/Mom/Granny and Poppy!

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