Dear Reeve,

They  told me this would happen. They  told me it would go so fast. They said it would go by in the *blink of an eye.* They warned me all along to *enjoy every minute*.

And I’ve been so busy trying to figure out how to get all the items on my grocery list and keep you from knocking a tooth out while climbing out of the cart that it just passed right by when I wasn’t looking. I may have been too busy questioning my last shower or if I brushed my teeth to notice it. Maybe I was worrying about your vegetable intake or how to get you to nap longer than an hour. Maybe….I just blinked and you grew up before my very eyes. The memories are slipping. Those first moments as a family in the hospital, weeks at home where nights were sleepless don’t even exist in my mind….

And I’m equally filled with bittersweet heartache and immense joy and pride.

I feel that this month, the most significant milestone is simply your vocabulary. Reeve, you are so advanced with your speech that I find myself in shock. Other moms can’t believe you are as young as you are b/c you speak better than their 3-year-old (not to mention that you are HUGE for your age). What this tells me is that you are just so eager to ask and convey and EXPRESS that you simply just find the words. You shock me every day with words that I didn’t even know you knew. Yesterday you asked me “What is mercy, mama?” I couldn’t answer this question before you were jumping and punching the air and off running….and that’s a good thing, my jaw was on the floor.

Reeve, your friends your own age (and even a few months older) still are quite difficult to understand. I have a hard time translating most of what they say. You, however, just enunciate and illiterate each syllable and are speaking in 5-8 word sentences.

Today you like to answer “I don’t knowwwwww” to all of my questions. Before that you repeated “how about that” over and over. You like to make me make ghost/vampire/Santa Claus/Batman/Robin/Joker/Green Lantern sounds and phrases. Over and over you say, “Do Green Lantern…..do Batman….do wolf….do Lucas (he says ‘apple pieeee’)….do Joker.”

Your voice is high-pitched and the last syllable squeaky. You have Pep Talks with yourself in the backseat when you can’t fall asleep. “I…have….to do…this”….”have…to….nap”.  My heart was bursting it was so sweet. You are very concerned the moment we get in the car that “mommy, buckle innnnn” and are starting to sing along in the car. You still get to watch cartoons on my iPhone in the car to stay awake and will often yell, “fisk it, mommy” when the screen goes sideways or wacky. Fisk it…..cute.

You ask a lot of questions. A LOT. Most of which you either know the answer to or to let us know you want something. For instance, “does Reeve want a popsicle?” I like it when you ask “Is Reeve funny?” I liked it even better about halfway through this month when you corrected yourself and began asking, “Am I funny?” Yes, my darling, you are the funniest person I know. One day when Daddy was at work, you said, “is daddy at concert?” But you are also sweet and concerned about the things you see going on around you. A baby crying in a store will always cause you to look at me with sadness in your eyes and say, “why is baby crying, Mama?” You ask “what is that sound?” at horns beeping. You cup my face with your hands when I cry and say, “Are you sad, mama?” Perhaps my favorite thing you’ve said all month is “I NEEEEED you, Mama!” This just is everything I’ve ever wanted. There is just nothing in this world like having being the first things someone needs.

This month, a lot of things are “Awesome.” We ask you if you want to do something and you say, “yeah, that will be awesome.” Or you tell us “Superman is awesome.” Your reply to most questions was “awesome.” It cracks us up. You are so eager to play and tumble and jump from toy to toy saying “awesome.”

You also used “dammit” appropriately and often this month. You use your past and present tenses correctly. “I singing” and “he’s dancing” and, again, corrected yourself mid-sentence from “I bite” to “I bit” or “I eat” to “I ate.” A friend who is a teacher told me she has Kindergartners who can’t do this.

We took you to Church one weekend and told you we were going to “see God,” the rest of the week you kept looking for Him everywhere. You told us He looked liked a Kitty Cat and several days later said, “can we go see God again?” We just looked at each other, like, for real!?!?  Did he just say that?

We sing “Shiny Happy Teeth” when you brush at night and it might as well be on the radio you love to sing it so much. You point to things in catalogs or magazines and say, “I need that” and told me I had a “pimple” on my cheek? You have a better British accent than your daddy does and walk around at night saying, “oh noooooooo!” When Daddy kisses me, you step in and let him know, “NO, that’s MY mommy” and often call him Budge like I do.

You have become very good at going down the slide at the park once we talked to you about being brave. You now walk around asking, “Am I brave?” and “Is Declan brave?” You point at the 2 slides and say “both of them” and then puff up your brave little chest and go down them. You jump on the bed and say “can’t do that” then look at me and smirk, knowing I’m going to make you get down. You love to sing along to “we’re going on a bear hunt” and then love to jump right in with the “what a beaufiful day!” When you are looking for one of your MANY men, you find him and say “New Years” (which is actually “there he is!”) Even though you can say it, you know we think it’s funny! You know the names of all of your books and will hand me one and say, “llama llama” or “little blue truck.” You love the Little People books with flaps and surprise me with “goblet” and “tightrope” or “unicycle” and words we haven’t spoken in weeks, yet you still remember them.

This, seriously, is something that just baffles us. You remember things from conversations months ago. My nephews used to do this and it always blew my mind, but I just assumed they were smart kids b/c their parents are smart….I’m hoping you are a little genius too. You remember the name of a parrot we met two months ago in Charleston and the name of the bunny you met even longer.

Your men….we seriously have about 100 action figures. Too many…you surprised me early in the month by holding your arms up in flight and yelling, “THIS is a job for…SUPERMAN!!!” That was one of your first big sentences. If I call you Superman or Batman, I’ve found you will respond quicker and are more likely to do what I ask of you. When we are walking in Target and you are pretending to slide into base for the 58th time, I can say, “Come on, Batman, let’s go” and you will say, “Okay, Robin.” We get a lot of giggles and “he’s so cute” and smiles from strangers. You still call Wonder Woman “Not a Man” and love to repeat the Green Lantern saying.

You ask for “sausage” every morning and crinkle your nose up as much as you can while saying it. It’s more like “Sho-shuj.” You are eating….okay. Not great, not bad. You will eat a crisp bite or celery or carrot if it’s dipped in Ranch. You love to snack and still eat more carbs than protein. If we dip things in Devil’s Fire BBQ sauce or cook meat as spicy as possible, you will eat it. I think this is b/c I ate so spicy when I was pregnant with you. You LOVE your popsicles and the M&M we give you here and there. When I am about to start dinner for you and ask what you want, you often reply “candy?….popsicle?….treat?” I tell you NO quickly to each before you start to rattle through any sweet options you can think of.

You are great with your shapes, but we have some definite work to do on your colors. You reply “Pink” to every color I ask of you. You love to play with your wooden abacus (yes, you can say that word too) and that is, so far, the best we’ve found to work on your colors.

We started to introduce you the Potty this month. You have peed in it a few times, but no poop yet. We reward a pee pee with an M&M. We end up sitting in the floor with you for up to 20 minutes at a time. We tell you to “just let it go” and you push on your belly as if that will help it come out. We poured some warm water on your penis ONCE and each time after you started begging for “warm water on penis.” You like to reach behind yourself and touch your, ahem, “butthole.” We corrected you and told you not to do that, but then agreed you were going to anyway so taught you “anus” and now you walk around telling people you are touching your anus. Sigh…..

We celebrated Halloween with you this month. As Superman, you were a wonderful little dude. Walking up and down the sidewalks on your own, stopping to look at the monsters and princesses and one particular little Batman Dude. You were hesitant at first, but sweetly said, “chick or treat” to each house and then the sweetest little “fank you” with a nod of the head.

Your sleeping is getting more consistent, but naps are still only 45-minutes or so. You no longer nurse and cry for your Night Night Bottle and Batman robe to cuddle. I rock you to sleep and then put your on our bed for your nap. You do good, but the minute you roll over are wide awake and usually PISSED. At bedtime, our routine is pretty easy. A bath every other night then as many books as we can (sometimes up to 20). Then Daddy and I take turns giving you as many kisses on your cheek as you will let us before he turns out the light and you and I look up at the one Glow in the Dark start on the ceiling and talk about my wishes for you. I sing your Twinkle, Twinkle and Stand By Me. Your snuggle with my right arm as tightly as you can like a koala bear until you are sleep and then I put you down in your crib after just a few minutes. Daylight Savings took an hour off your morning, but you are back to 12 hours at night.

Reeve, we’ve sure had a lot of fun this month making the most of our last days outdoors before Winter weather arrives. You still squeal with delight each time you see Declan and love Lucas just as much too. You are learning to play with others and don’t love to share, but will more than not. You do so well in “school” be it at my mom’s group or at the rec center.

In general, you are just a really sweet little boy. Sure, you have some *moments* but you are so polite and love to squeeze and kiss me. You hand out “fank you” and “pleases” without hesitation and are very generous with your “I wuv you”. I just couldn’t ask for a better boy to call mine. Often you are rambunctious and full of energy and I find myself worrying that you are “wild” or “misbehaved,” but I just know in my heart that you are just SMART and your energy and your curiosity move you quickly from thing to thing. I see so much of myself in you….I see a little bit of daddy when you are calmly on his lap, but mostly me as you don’t sit still for very long.

There is nothing better than hearing you correct yourself and ask questions, asserting your independence in this world. I have no doubt that you are an extremely smart little man. I’m impressed daily with not only your speech and grammar, but the content of the things you say. I can’t wait to watch what next month brings with a Thanksgiving trip home to Kansas where you can rough house with your cousins (finally). 

Life is just more than we could’ve expected when we found out we were having a son. You keep me on my toes and are CONSTANT motion. I know more about Super Heroes than I thought possible and love helping you learn your colors and numbers and letters. You are just the epitome of what a little boy is. Rough and rotten and ornery. You can make perfect airplane, flying and punching sounds, but you are also all Mama’s Boy. Still, after all this time, you cannot get close enough to me. You like to lay on my stomach and say, “crawl back in, mama.” I love this….stay this way for all of time, please.

Reeve, you are both kind and brave. You are smart and compassionate. You are funny and full of life. You are just the best little boy in the whole world…and I know this because you are MY whole world.

I love you more than you could ever even begin to understand. Being your mom is my greatest gift. I have never loved anything or anyone with a heart as full as mine is because of you. Thank you!  THANK. YOU.

To the moon & back,


IMG_5865 IMG_5870 IMG_5876 IMG_5881 IMG_5883 IMG_5884 IMG_5850

Favorite things to do: run and fall down in Target, jump on the bed, walk up the stairs using the rails, spin in circles, Green Lantern, Thor, Wibbly Pig cartoon, bang on the library computers during Story Time, dance, watch Finding Nemo with Daddy, hike with daddy
Favorite things to eat: cheese sticks, fruit chews, noodles, quesadilla, pizza, Candy!…actually, you aren’t eating a whole lot this month.
Dislikes: not getting “milky” when you want it, the last book of the night, when I get you out of the car and take the iPhone away, sitting still or on my lap at Story Time, napping, waking up (dang, you always wake up mad), hats
Funny Tricks: Thinking Face, trying to walk down the stairs then doing a cartwheel-type move to slide down them, waiting for me to come get you out of the crib in the morning with your chin on the rail, rinsing your teeth over and over again
Scary items: NOTHING scares you….uh oh…being 3 feet from me
Cute item: You sleep with your Batman bathrobe, you almost will wear your Monster hat, Little People flap books, you like to make your Superman figures punch each other
Hair color: Blonde, but getting darker at the roots as Winter nears…you got your first trim by me while reading a book (I cried)…but it was getting nappy and looked like a mullet
Eye color: Everyone tells me they are the same color as mine (aqua-ish) but I see green like daddy’s
Clothing size: 2T shirts, 3T pants
Diaper size: 5
Weight: 29.8 pounds
Height: 36.5″
Teeth: 14


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