when I walked down the stairs in this LBD with the VERY special necklace I wore to our wedding reception, you looked at daddy with confusion and said, “Is that Mommy?”

and we burst out laughing.

Yes, I’m a diamond in the rough, my dear. When I get to wash my hair every 4th day and shave my legs and put on makeup, I’m presentable…in fact, I’m downright HOT!

Just ask the mormons!!!




WHAT?!?!?!  Is that fur on your coat, Mommy?

Yes, faux….and I got as many compliments on that as I did on the necklace.20131113-083004.jpg


Son, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I think glasses are in your future.


*taken on a Date Night to see Book of Mormon! Holy Garsh!  I kept expecting Kirk to get up and walk out the language was so foul….but FUNNY!



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