Do you remember this quote from Almost Famous?

And if ya ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends

That’s just how we were feeling Sunday. We headed downtown BRIGHT and EARLY (thanks Daylight Savings) to Church and then had an hour or two to spare before nap time so we did what we always do when we find ourselves downtown on the weekend….we went to our favorite places in the City. A His & Hers almost. He to the Record Store (Twist & Shout) and I to the Tattered Cover Bookstore. It’s no coincidence that they are side-by-side….I swear a Higher Power came into play when these stores were erected. Thank you….

We just love going there.

But let me backtrack…see, in order for us to go to Church SEVERAL factors have to be just right. Reeve has to wake up at a certain time for us to make the 45-minute trek downtown. We have to be showered and pack all of our gear (cups, snacks, diapers, wipes….)….it doesn’t sound as bad as it is, but it’s a process, let me tell you.

So, here are Kirk and Reeve before we left. I’m dying over Reeve’s plaid shirt. He said to me before we left, “roll up like daddy.” He wanted his sleeves rolled up like Kirk wears his. He also wanted some product in his hair…20131104-130310.jpg

We went to church and he went to the daycare where he has figured out that if he whines “hold youuuuuu” to the women there he can be held for the whole hour. Super not cool. The past 4 times I’ve left him at daycare (be it church, my mom’s group or the rec center) I come back to a report that he was fine and didn’t cry as long as they held him the whole time.

Okay, anyway, so before we got to church we were trying to get him excited about it so we kept telling him we were “going to see God.” When we got there he looked up at the beautiful ceiling and gasped, “I see God…..” Cute, right? Well, after bookstore/record store and after lunch and after his nap, so about 4 hours later, he woke up and said, “Go see God again?”  How cute is that? I asked him what God looked like and he said, “a kitty cat?” Everything is a question these days, the proper inflection to let me know he doesn’t really know what he’s saying but that he wants a response out of me.

At the record store, I was busy chasing Reeve up and down the aisles which he LOVES to run. He would stop every now and then at the Listen Station and ask to wear the headphones.

Can you stand how cute the following pictures are?20131104-130317.jpg

I love this next one where he is listening to Lissie (the pretty chick on the wall behind him) and is so content holding the Superman Ugly Doll he was obsessed with.20131104-130324.jpg

This is his new face that he makes often….especially when I’m trying to get a point across to him and I tell him to look me in the eye. He squints and pushes his jaw to one side. He liked these Grateful Dead posters…20131104-130332.jpg

I love this picture….20131104-130339.jpg

Part of the reason Reeve loves Twist & Shout is b/c of these action figures. He runs to and from each one saying, “I see ’em….I see ’em….”20131104-130347.jpg

Here is Reeve listening to the new Avett Brothers album….20131104-130357.jpgHe’s got good taste already…..and he’s just so damn cute. I just hope by the time he’s old enough to buy records they don’t cost $16 each b/c someone in our house has a baaaaaaad habit.


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