Now listen, we know Superman doesn’t wear a mask, but we just couldn’t deny him his “max” and it was so cute on him. He didn’t actually wear it when we took him out Trick Or Treating, but it was damn near impossible to get off of him for these pictures.

Superman 16
Superman 30 Superman 45 Superman 47 Superman 50 Superman 52 Superman 57

Reeve loved going door-to-door and holding out his green Jack-o-lantern for a piece of candy. He especially loved those neighbors who recognized him and gave him 2 or 3 pieces. He loved saying “Twick o tweet” and I was so proud of every little “fank you” he graciously gave back in exchange.

The night was a little chilly so we probably only made it to 20 or so homes, but he just loved it and woke up wanting to put his costume back on. I woke up and hauled butt to Target to get some 50% off costumes for next year….NADA….Don Linny’s Target must not have as many moms as ours has b/c she got all kinds of goodies for him.

Here is Reeve and his BFFF


***holding Daddy’s hand and sizing up the scariness of the porch20131101-133709.jpg

***when he’s in this costume, he does this thing where he runs and falls down on purpose. Weirdo20131101-133722.jpg


***you mean I can just run down this sidewalk and get candy at ALL of those homes?20131101-133802.jpg

Here are my Halloween observations!

1. At first, I thought the Switch Witch was a cool idea. Then I thought LAME….give you kid some candy, let them enjoy it and then take it away. Big deal…why do you need to bribe them? YOU are the adult. They don’t need another toy and they will get over it.

2. Superman and Batman are always going to be the most popular costumes for little boys.

3. It’s awesome when the person handing out candy asks “chocolate or goldfish?” What?!?!?  What a great idea, I opted for goldfish/pretzels/cheetos/crackers at every house possible…FREE snacks for the diaper bag.

4. I didn’t see any little girls or pre-teens in slutty costumes. HOORAY!!!

5. The Hot Houses in our neighborhood (those designated to be the warm spots) are so kind to give out Boo-ze to the parents.

6. The dog does NOT like the doorbell ringing every 3 minutes.

7. What an awesome way to snoop in neighbors’ homes to see their furniture

8. People are generous!

Happy Halloween!  Reeve, I can’t wait to do this with you again for the next 12 or so years.



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