This birthday weekend was the BEST ever (more on that later)….

yesterday was so busy. Sometimes I fell like we try to cram as much as possible into our weekends, our time together and today I really just wanted to chill. We had to go to Best Buy for a new TV (kirk dropped ours….yep) and so Reeve and I dumped all of the coins out of the Piggie Bank searching for pennies. He had a blast putting the nickels, dimes and quarters back in the slot. He just loves this water fountain and so we put the pennies in a baggie and off we went.

Daddy wasn’t sure that this seemed like fun. I assured him it was the best free entertainment (minus about 30 cents) and keeps Reeve busy running in circles for 30 minutes.

Of course he loved it.

Do you know what I loved? His $3 Consignment Sale Champ Bailey Broncos Jersey. I put it on him this morning and he said, “My Bonkos joisey” How did he know that? How does he know that word? Smart boy….

20131013-213936.jpgWe came home and played outside for a bit….Daddy went to pick up the TV and I got Reeve down for his nap. We’ve tried something new for the past 2 days. I am letting him nap on our bed….and let me tell you, AMAZING!!! Today, for the FIRST time in his whole life, he took a 2.5 hour nap. I didn’t even know what to do with that much time. I was nervous to leave the bedroom so I retouched pictures on the floor. I am sure tomorrow’s nap will be crap now that I’ve bragged, but I don’t care. He rolled from back to front and front to back….that may seem small to some, but typically, that is enough in his crib to wake him up.20131013-213647.jpg

I had a photo shoot downtown while he napped and then came home to cook pizza with my boys. Reeve really likes helping….20131013-213904.jpg

and sampling the cheese20131013-213915.jpg

and he also really likes his Spiderman mask….he didn’t want to take it off for his bath. I had to beg and distract to get it off him so I could wash the boogers and dirt out of his hair.20131013-213945.jpgI’m really not that excited for tomorrow to be Monday….This was one of the best weekends as a little family.

Bowling, hiking, pumpkin patch, hibachi….

I’m just so very lucky to call these boys MINE! They are too good to me and sure spoiled me this weekend. Thirty-four is going to be a great year!



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