They stop at the ends of their respective driveways, waiting for their mom to tell them it’s cleanhborr, you can GO….

then they run (Deklan is more of a skipper) towards each other.

Sometimes, they stop face-to-face and a toddler conversation occurs (can you even begin to imagine what they have to talk about?)

Sometimes they lean their heads into each other for a hug.

Sometimes they just start fighting over a truck, toy, shovel, piece of chalk or whatever….

I just can’t think of a better little friend for Reeve. Physically, that difference is only noticeable in how much easier Deklan can do stairs and run although they are more than 6 months apart in age (Deklan is 2)

Reeve starts asking for Deklan before we are even up for the day. He asks where he is and we use Deklan as a bribe quite often. “Deklan eats his broccoli” or “Show us how you would take a big bite if Deklan were here.”

My plan is to treat them like they are siblings for now and to not spend too much time telling them to share over every little item they want to argue about or to try to get them to “play nicely.” Instead, I tell them to “work it out” a lot….

but I needn’t worry too much, most days they do this when they see each other and just sit side-by-side and get along wonderfully.





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