It sure is a lot harder than I thought to entertain a toddler when you are stuck inside all day. I’m beyond terrified for this winter….

We play a LOT of choo choo’s and stay in our pajamas all day.

We don’t look very cute (I went from Friday to Thursday without washing my hair).

We eat a lot of random meals.

We cuddle in bed and watch Super Why (today he pointed out a square and an oval)….

We invite neighbors over for playdates.

We attempt art projects, but get more of it on our face than on the paper

We go to Story Hour where Reeve is the biggest kid there (might have to find a bigger kid session b/c he dodge-balled a baby and the mom gave me the Stink Eye).

We watch the rain out the back window and make faces against the glass.

We beg daddy to work from home so we can all be together

We read a LOT of books

We climb up and down the stairs for exercise


we spend a lot of time climbing up onto the couch and then diving of of it.20130912-134709.jpg

This picture below was taken moments after Reeve busted his upper lip when he fell off the lowest stairs. He would let me put ice or even suck on a popsicle, but he would suck on this frozen white chocolate mustache lollipop back from his 1st Birthday Party in March…it didn’t really help with the swelling, but it stopped the crying. My crying that is. I was a mess. I called Kirk 3 times while he was in a meeting!20130912-134726.jpgRainy Days are great here in Colorado. We desperately need the rain, but we’d like a little sunshine this week too. If I don’t get out and walk this week, I’m going to gain 10 pounds from all of the baking one tends to do when stuck inside all day.

And by baking I do mean eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag!



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