We are struggling around here with eating lately. More than anything, it seems he’s just too busy to eat.

There’s too much to look at. Too much distractions by way of, oh, say the refrigerator that has Monsters (moss-ters) or the table (which is also a drum) or the dog (who eats food he doesn’t want) and also the oven (which also has moss-ters) and even the school buses (which he only saw once and never forgot).

So, the past week or two I’ve been letting him help me and participate in the preparation to get him interested.

On this day we made Ego Wheat Waffle Pizza with organic sauce, spinach, Romano cheese and 2 turkey pepperonis.

While I made it and talked about each thing we added, he gnawed on a frozen waffle.20130906-124205.jpg





and at the very end, asked for an apple while it cooked for 10 minutes.20130906-124237.jpgThen, he took 2 bites and when I turned my back he fed it to Hannah. See her little snout on the left-hand side of this picture? Damn dog is always right there, just waiting….

I was frustrated, but also very happy that he stood on that rickety chair for 20 minutes helping me.

Now if only I could get him to eat something other than granola bars, apples and frozen waffles.

Tonight he flung a noodle across the room at the fireplace (which is easily 20 feet away). He fed Hannah the rest and finger-painted with the dip. He screamed for his Pack Pack the whole time and ate 2, yes 2, bites…

the joys….



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