I swear this kid is a teenager.

Well, okay, if it weren’t for the fact that he wakes up at 6:30 am and rarely eats I would swear he’s grown a foot overnight and will be driving tomorrow.

and, I think his ears are getting bigger too. I used to think he would grow into them, but it seems they are growing right along with the rest of him.20130909-081842.jpg


He was feeling extra happy this particular morning and actually smiled for a picture.

It’s rare….

Most of my pictures of him are serious, though he is QUITE a silly guy!



and the way he carries his Pack Pack with him everywhere, it feels like any minute he will be headed to Kindergarten and then moving as far away from me as he possibly can to college.20130909-081908.jpg

20130909-081925.jpgBetween all of the millions of moms around the world, you would think one of us would come up with a way to slow time down a little, wouldn’t you think? It just goes too damn fast.



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