I’m typing this as Reeve screams in his crib. Seriously!!?!?!? What’s up with these 30-45 minute naps?

It’s Sunday and Kirk’s team just won the semi-final round and play in their Championship game next weekend. What a GAME! They won 3-2 and the other team’s pitcher’s dad was all up my ass the whole game. It was all I could do not to yell at him. He was pacing all over the place reporting back to his team what kind of pitches Kirk was throwing. He was talking all kind of smack until I said loudly to Reeve (so he could hear) that this was a FUN game and that in OUR family we are good sports no matter what and that being a good sport is more important than winning or losing….ESPECIALLY when you are 36 years old!

Wanna Cry? Watch this dad reunited with the son he thought was gone….

How 23 of your favorite childhood toys look now

OBSESSED with this Kansas blogger and her Craft Weekends

Pottery Barn has a new company….GORGEOUS ideas for Christmas

Say WHAAT?!?! Customize Nikes for you kidd?

Need this Toiletry Bag for my upcoming travels

We saw the Seal Show at the zoo yesterday, but it was NOTHING like this

Vintage Tar-jay

Slow Motion Wedding Video (and my song…that’s my jam)

Funny Parenting Fails

#21 is where I live….read the comments. 😦

We went to this SPECTACLE just long enough to hear one of our favorite bands…we saw Bananas, giraffes, Lego Man, Superman, cowboys in chaps, pirates, monkeys, sailors…you name it

Gorgeous Cardigan

and a video of the band we saw at the SPECTACLE above. Seriously!?! They are so good. We almost had the lead singer play at our wedding, but thought our guests would like a Motown Band better. Good choice

ps….Reeve cried for 35 minutes before I gave up and went and got him


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