Reeve is currently more interested in the bucket the Lego’s come in than the actual Lego’s themselves…

I’m cool with that…Lego’s hurt when you step on them.


He’s getting ‘weird’

and that’s cool too

his littler personality isn’t so little.

He will do anything for a laugh.

Including tearing his shirt off at a Downtown Festival when Mommy’s favorite local musician takes the stage. He saw grown men (and some women) with no shirts on and thought he’d join right along.


He did some serious dancing and flirting with a grown Chicken, a pirate and a man in chaps?!?!?


The next day (Sunday) we took him to the pool. He came home and laid on the landing in the stairwell for 15 minutes singing…20130909-081503.jpg

Then, he practice giving Hannah balls…

some attempts were soft. Some not so much. He thought it was the funniest thing ever how she didn’t really react. He would put her tennis ball in her eye and she wouldn’t move a muscle.



Then, his BFF Deklan came over to play so D’s mommy could get some work done and he showed him the cool Lego bucket.20130912-135622.jpg

and now Deklan’s a little weirdo too.20130912-135629.jpg

I keep telling Reeve to let his freak flag fly….and it seems he’s going to take me seriously.


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